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Thread: Whats the diff. btw Max Nano and Nano Pool

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    Question Whats the diff. btw Max Nano and Nano Pool

    In terms of Nano Clusters for implants, whats the difference between raising Max Nano and Nano Pool? Both sound like they serve the same function. Thanks in advance...

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    Thats the same as Body Dev and Life cluster difference but vice versa.
    For Nanomages Nanopool skill adds to NP for 4 per skill point, for Opifex and Solitus its 3, and for troxs its 2 [not sure about this though].
    Don't use Nanopool implants unless your a nanomage, it will give less than implanting Max Nano. Go for Max Nano if you are Solitus/Opifex/Trox.

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    so if i understand correctly.....

    a Max Nano cluster (say +20) will directly add
    20 points to my nano pool, (regardless of breed or

    while a Nano Pool cluster (+20) would add 20 points to my Nano Pool Skill (thereby distributing the appropiate points to my nano pool depending on breed/prof)

    nanomage here by the way...

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    Just checked with NanoNanny, unlike BodyDev/MaxHealth, MaxNano/Nanopool clusters are in different places, not collapsing with each other. So, you can implant all 6 and get +1310 nano for QL200 implants [Nanomage].
    If some imps are collapsing with your current setup, calcute with NanoNanny for which will give most nano.

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