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Thread: EQB = Full Damage = BS

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    9001 self-buffed HP for Meatpopsikle, I just asked him :-p..
    Supersoly lvl 220 Atrox Enforcer
    Fearthis lvl 200 Opi MA
    Tehsoly lvl 60 Atrox Enforcer

    and a lvl 160+ sold...


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    Originally posted by Supersoly
    I'll ask meat
    with towers? and nites
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    I thought I was uber with my 5400 HP selfbuffed

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    i got 8600 with no towers : /

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    If you are going through hell, keep going.
    Sir Winston Churchill

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    Re: Heh...

    Originally posted by Anikitos
    You still dont give up do you?
    I know that you want to own Enforcers so bad that it must keep you awake at nights...but sorry. It should not happen.
    Why should it hit for less? Its allready getting a speed want to nerf it more? You want this so bad dont you piercing honey? :P
    Why should I give up? Because I don't agree with you?

    Sorry hun, doesn't work that way.

    When people were furious about the destruction that was caused by trader drains, it wasn't just traders that said "No, don't nerf drains". Lots of people jumped on traders sides. I saw docs, fixers, enforcers, etc. If the majority of the players in this game agree that the EQB is perfect the way it is, then so be it. But the only people I hear talking about the damage being fine the way it is, is the enforcers that use them.

    So, I'll just post up a poll, if everyone in the game thinks its fine just the way it is, and when I mention the power of this thing on warchat, guild chat, or vicinity chat, and not everyone saying "yeah I agree" and "yeah that weapons too much" or "omg nerf" then I will keep my thoughts on it to myself. But since pretty much everyone I talk to about the weapons agree with me, why should I give up?

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    because, I think NT's are gonna be next...and no thats not a threat, but come on, they speed nerf will hurt us..then NT's will be the most damage dealing class..and whoever is on top gets yelled @ for nerf ya know
    Supersoly lvl 220 Atrox Enforcer
    Fearthis lvl 200 Opi MA
    Tehsoly lvl 60 Atrox Enforcer

    and a lvl 160+ sold...


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    Nobody Should have an Advantage Over enforcer in the arena
    Why ????? ......Cuz we pretty much useless in tower wars ...yEA whine whine whine and ***** fking Bite me ....If they give me the ability to use a Weapon with a higher range than 5 meters and NOT suck then Bring on the EQB nerf


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    Looking at the orginal post by Divine, I'm curious what you think Divine of an Nanomage NT who can equip a EQB (non-OE) and self cast Res Blast at the same time?

    It's fun, you should try.

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    No by all means...go on with your crusade.
    Maybe you are not supposed to win over an enforcer in arena piercing.

    Many ppl on this forum agrees that EQB should not be nerfed.
    Well, FC decided to speed cap it. Thats it.
    We still dont know to what extend that nerf will come.
    But i guess its not good enough for be it.

    If you want to win over enfo, log in your doc.
    But in arena, enfos do very good we should.
    Or maybe you think you where meant to win over Enforcers in arena too....heh.
    Last edited by Anikitos; Jan 11th, 2003 at 03:49:35.
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    In MASS pvp, Be lucky you aren't a NT who laggs pretty much so when he throw Area-blinds, -nukes etc He usally get target by some 100 peeps and killed in a flash. ;P
    RK1 - Hajk - Solitus - Lvl 217/DR 16 - Nanotech - Apocalypse
    Explorer 60% / Socializer 53% / Killer 46% / Achiever 40%

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    Originally posted by Divinecross
    Think was that Breaku guy saw do that too. No clue what level he is but pretty sure he close lv 180ish judging from his color con to me. Turns out he is lv 192. Still seems little goofy watch this enforcer with no huge twinking items to mow over this lv 200 NT and lv 200 MA and come out with not many scratches in the end. NT manages to land one nuke before nearly dieing and somewhat crappy Aim shot. After the NT dies the MA on the other hand does few nice aim shot etc but in the end enforcer mongo outheals all the damage. MA then dies. Judging from the amount time it take for enforcer to kill NT I doubt they would have much to worry in way nukes landing.

    Not trying say nerf the item as stated if you your going give one profession with nice green 2 h edge skills something comparable to the full damage days then why not give to everyone? Nice they are adding melee weapon that hurt but haven't known great deal enforcers that are effected by roots.

    Reasonance Blast not easy nuke lands nor the casting time by any means considered fast in pvp. Alot NT's will pvp in full defense in most pvp stituations.
    WOOOHOOOOOm it was meeeeee Im the uber 180 enf gimped and equiped with a full set of tertius!

    Ok, down to some serious fact about all this.
    First of all, before crying nerf and he did this and nothing happened to him. I'd revise you to take a look the the nano you the NT have just aswell as me, the LAYER.

    I did attack you, and the second I relised I were fighting more then 1 person I used my lifesaver (assault tank) 2K layers, and had 745 running under that. so, first thing that happens, You the NT AS me right in to 2745 layers with proj dmg, your MA friend dimach me right into 2745 layers with melee dmg, and uses brawl right into them too. He then goes on hitting me with another dmg type as he uses for his fists. You up next, you go ahead and nuke me for a 3rd dmg type, all ending up in layers. Ok, by this time my assault layer is timing out, and you are casting NS2, ok here I have 19 sec of good healing abilities, to re run the mongo hot, re cast my usual layer, and recast my rage.

    And here is where it gets pretty funny, Your NS2 is dropping, and I'll re iniutiate attack, while you somehow are using "walk" mode, starting to WALK away from me, no offence, but for the next time, try using a root, and again, and again, and for the love of god, run goddamnit, you are in no way suposed to fight an enforcer toe to toe.

    just to add, Im not equiped with tertius but with:
    smelly butcher gloves, omni-armed forces sleeves, dragon chest, dragon legs, robust back back, MK2 hood and Boots, 2x rust pitted ring, 1xGoC, 1VT.
    call it what u want, I dont mind.

    But for the next time u cry nerf, "I cant do anything".. press that backspace button of yours, NT's can use run aswell u know.
    Last edited by Breaku; Jan 11th, 2003 at 07:56:46.

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    "Should start a combined raid/NW bot, where people get points if they help take down a clan base. Should be most effective." - Said by Waikase 14th of May 2003 in sarcasm to the appearance of the first raidbots on Rk1.

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    Heheheh, that was hillarious, btw, dont nerf the enfs, they are cuddly

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    Jesus Christ


    Congratulate on the hard spanking you gave to the NT and MA.
    Good job.

    To the NT + MA
    You noobs MUST start to learn that WALKING away from an enforcer is a BAD idea. You must also undestand that if you dont know the game you must NEVER EVER fight a brother enforcer of mine like Breaku.
    Because besides me, Fatcrusher and some other guys....Breaku LIVED in Tir Arena.
    He is a certified killer that given the chance, he wont hesitate one sec to utilize the FULL potential of the enforcer class so that he can hand you your *** on a silver plate.

    Good job again Breaku, keep it up.
    Anikitos Enforcer (Retired)
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    When you see people walking its because of fixers snare that debuff your runspeed by -1550. If you dont have green runspeed, walking become faster (even with gsf haha!) But you enforcers dont really know about this because Rage break my snares
    Last edited by Insida; Jan 11th, 2003 at 15:47:04.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Sethil
    [B]I think QB damage output is ok, EQB is too much. The only ppl who are able to beat EQB enforcers in a 1vs.1 fight, are well equipped Soldiers and CH Docs/Adventurers.

    LOL...Advs??I´d like to see an adv outhealing the EQB,really

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Galician
    Originally posted by Sethil
    I think QB damage output is ok, EQB is too much. The only ppl who are able to beat EQB enforcers in a 1vs.1 fight, are well equipped Soldiers and CH Docs/Adventurers.

    LOL...Advs??I´d like to see an adv outhealing the EQB,really
    i think he meant fixers.

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    Originally posted by Insida
    When QB-EQB-PR speed get nerfed, Enforers will still keep the same damage, the same tools(maybe not FoB tho) and the same strenght they alway had. Before your love patch, you guys were good. Afte your love patch, you are uber(you cannot deny this) now with the comming speed nerf, you will be less uber but still a powerfull proffession. Its not like MA crit nerf here. You guys will still be better than before. What FC is doing is adjusting the speed of weapon they had no idea how good they would be in the enforcers hands. Those weapon are meant to be slow hard hitting tools. Right now they are fast hard hitting weapons. You will still kill ppl in 3 swing from your blade but you will kill them slightly slower, thus giving a chance at your opponent to counterattack or run away. Its not right when people fall in 5 seconds, its not fun for anyone. Stop thinking about yourself and think about the people who are facing you in combat instead. Place yourself in the skin of the guy who did not even had the time to cast a single nano before he got killed by you instead of thinking about yourself and the nerf. Its very selfish to think that the world should evolve around you. See it as a boost for all the people who are facing enforcers instead of seeing this as a nerf, maybe that will help you understanding the situation.

    Then u want to nerf soldiers to? soldiers can kill ppl within 5 seconds.

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    Just made a poll on this, curious what the majority of the forum people think.

    Going to try to get people in-game to vote too.

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    Originally posted by Anikitos
    Well, done some more testing in arena with my favorite soldier...Cyboot.

    Me at full def:
    27 alldef ring, 60 alldef tower.

    AS on me...over 5k.
    Every AS he did...cap. Every one.
    It made no difference if i was full def or full aggro.

    Aug Hellfury.
    Just noticed today. Not only does it cancel TMS/RRFE, but it also canceled my CS shield. WTF? I can live with it canceling RRFE...but not canceling my damn shield! :P

    AS should be "balanced". It should not hit me for god damn 5k+ cap pvp dmg at full def all the damn time. Insane.
    Nice post you made. I see that you say that AS should be "balanced". Ah, maybe I posted in this thread all wrong. If I try to make it "balanced" instead of "nerfs", you won't sit here and ***** and moan at me.

    Next time you talk **** about the people wanting EQB being nerfed, don't go and post about nerfing AS two seconds later.

    Hypocritical bastard. Kind of funny really.

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