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Thread: EQB = Full Damage = BS

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    Hmmm, wonder if calming a enf, to lower his init until you CAN get a nano debuff to land.

    Dunno how it works. But heh :|
    Some of your points are good Julia, but some are not.

    I dont have 14k hp, I dont see myself ever having that.
    Not self anyway.

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    I have to say that beamwielding enforcers were already doing more damage than me before EqB arrived.

    In PvP the Hellspinner changed things a lot for soldiers, but that was desperately needed. shame its only available at low and very high QL.

    EqB does ridiculous damage in pvp, but if you dont use your ranged advantages then you are playing like a Gimp.

    If I see an Enf in mass pvp I target him from a long distance and wait until he attacks someone, then I unload everything I have and pull back. Thats the nice thing about mass pvp. Everyone has a chance to pick a target, but its often very hard to find the exact player that fired at you by "Tabbing" afterwards.

    It may be a slightly dishonorable way to fight compared to 1 v 1, but it works. Its also how it works in real battle.

    Btw, I try to get the casters first while some fixer plays tag with the enf

    and a whole litter of bearcubs ...

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    Snuble: sorry, I don't mean to be a pain and keep arguing with you. That's certainly not me, or what I'm about. I'm just trying to make sure you understand my viewpoint.........again, I apologize if I've been overly enthusiastic, I really don't mean anything personal

    While specials are nice, they don't contribute much to damage over time. Just to take the example of the very nice SOL Fire (that was a very nice addition when it first was introduced, but is sliding behind with the new weapons introduced to the game...).
    This is pretty much my point all along; the game is constantly evolving. There is no way to know that QB/EQB won't suffer the same fate as you describe for the SOL, as new weapons keep being introduced. It may be overpowered now.......but how do you know that it *still* will be in a month or two?

    That's why I'm fundamentally opposed to ALL nerfs, not just those affecting my profession. Because you never know what might be coming next.

    Look at the Bloodbat. It was pre-nerfed before it was even released to Live, and now it's really nothing special. Except that it drops off of Ian-freaking-Warr. And a weapon that drops off a mob of THAT caliber *should* be damn uber. Otherwise, why bother?

    And, let's face it.......FC *wants* there to be new, uber weapons/items/armor/whatever out there; it gives the high-level players something to do, a goal to aim for. And as they keep playing, FC keeps collecting fees every month

    New, uber stuff for your profession.......coming to a patch near you........
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    w00t, i dont get affected by Crowd Control in PvP.? Woho! wish that was that true. And apperently i can throw a AOE 40 meters to. To bad i need to get buffs for the longest range increaser. To bad i need to get buffs for RB. To bad my nanos lagg so much i never usally can throw them in pvp before its to late. To bad HE/Nano reduction dont do anything for a NT.

    Geezez.. Go play a NT will you. ;P
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    But remember that, increasing damage for all classes might sound like a good plan, but if they keep increasing the damage output, something else will break. Its not might break, but something will break. Maybe to the point where everyone live on their damage alone...

    Is that a good thing? No... Thats why I think the one designing the EQB should have a "Be carefull" note stapled to his head...

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