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Thread: Chronicle of an annouced death, Ex ADRASTUS II general

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    Chronicle of an annouced death, Ex ADRASTUS II general

    Dear FC,

    I know its useless to post threads on this forum, cause only 3 persons, who i respect a lot for they work, try to answer to us.

    My last messages was deleted and i think they was declared subversisve by kind of over-marketing heads. So i dont have any illusions about the way its going on: i only talk to my friends, great players on RK2, hoping this message will not be deleted too fast, with who we build and debugged this game since the beginning.

    This was supposed to be Entertainment.

    It was.

    Seems that old players, those who know the game perfectly, and collaborated often to find issues with you, FC, are from now on crushed.
    It seems to be a kind of new politic, new game directions since last summer.

    So, i'd like to tell u this:

    If u had take care a little more about your oldest "customers", cause we pay for this, u will have now a lot of guild leaders ready to go on.
    Sorry, all high level people waiting just now for SWG-hope u know what it means-.
    SWG will just take benefits of your work, cause u only manage Newbies, instead of encouraging old players to help them. Ack, this is an old discussion.I was at the foundation of Adrastus, when Clanners(hehe Dodge and Athx)screwed us from Tara.
    Now Adrastus is one of the most feared guild on RK2.
    Proud of it.
    And now what?
    All people waiting for SWG, except Stareyed newbies.Old players could have done something cause, really, the world u created is wonderfull.
    But u decided to make Inquisition.
    To forget ENTERTAINING people.

    So, thank you for all the fun i had when i was a Noob.
    But , definitivly, when SWG jumps out, you are dead.


    EX-Opi 200 enforcer, Adrastus II general.

    -----Account cancelled--------------------------------------------------------

    THX to Sublim, Bluerobe, Scorse, Dodgeman, Athx, Emosion, Astriell, Supersolid, Gazl, Atrevidium, Soulreaver, Silars, Notrump,
    Tekyla, Shnano, Uberfixx, Adonff, Brume, Picki, Mistertom, Davidours, Kaiousama, Linainverted, Whitesand,and all others even Trystar lol,
    for all the fun we had together, lagging with the lag)


    PS: my stuff disappear with me, forget it

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    crud. First time I got eaten by Tara was because I was chain healing Grom. I'll remember you.
    Heals - they're not just for tradeskills anymore
    Hypos omni doc RK2 <-- stupid enough to have thought that going past level 150 would help her be a better doc
    Phlair omni mp RK2 solo char
    Nerfbat omni enf RK2 awarded the hammer of braveness
    Shadow Ops

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    Angry So sad

    Damn tonight got Cacahouette Deleting too,and i come on That forum to read Grom delete too.....
    I feel really sad,so much for that crap it piss me
    C u soon Grom,we ll be there....
    "L'enfer c'est les Autres" Jean Paul Sartre

    Dodgeman Zebraman
    Dodgeman Bio
    My famous armor set

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    Sorry to see another old player leaving but i just want to say that i'm not affraid of adrastus

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    Agreed, Adrastus deserves respect and has mine.

    You are a great player Grom, best of luck to you, and thank you for giving me my first ever PVP kill of a toughy ^^ was alot of fun

    Wish we had more players with your sense of humor. Take care hon.

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    Been here for 17 months and im not waiting for SWG

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    It's been fun Grom.

    Gotta luv FC.

    Bye for now, Grom. See you on Tatooine.
    At Midnight, All the Agents...

    Agents- lilttle slightly insane people who run around and kill you before you know what is going on... and if they dont kill you fast... well, cannon fodder (altho they are good for scouting) -eternalfiend

    The Sock-Hat, it adds 1 to my tempo.

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    Cya Gromu. was nice lvling with you bro, GL on whatever you plan on doing.
    Originally posted by Knasbollen


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    cya G

    Eunucha 200 doc

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    As Whites said: I been here 18 months or so, and I am happy. And I aint a "stareyed newbie".

    Well, you aint happy, so bye. I didn't understand what yr post was about, and I don't much care. To each their own.

    Oh, and FYI everyone: don't believe the SWG hype. Its not gonna be a AO killer. Just try it if you will, then I will see you when you return
    Gimme sammich!!1

    Reborn Sammich

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    Bye Grom...

    Still remember the tell i got from you and Sublim

    "me and Sublim want to start a high lvl guild and would want to know if you want to join... think about it and talk to Cocio too"

    Was a big secret back then, actually, first time i tell somebody about it heheh

    Wonder what direction Adrastus would've taken then

    Thanks for remembering me in your farewell post, cause i sure as hel| will remember your scrawny opi a$s mongo'ing and challenger'ing (<-- sp? bah, random)

    Be well with whatever you do
    SS - Grandmaster of Fall Damage

    Property of the Devil

    On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for anyone drops to zero

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    We would have had another agent to poke fun of =P

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    Cya later Gromulator!

    Oh and I wouldn't believe the SWG hype either. The rumor mill is pricing its monthly subscription at $39.95. Interpret as "No Effing Way". That and it is Verant after all. They arent winning any customer service and satisfaction awards I promise you.

    Either way Good luck bro, see you on the other side.
    Bad Fixer
    Non Illegitimus Carborundum Est!

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    I heard there was a bug with jumping whilst swimming, and it was termed an exploit. They removed jumping from the game?

    Only ONE avatar per account? OMG! And $30pcm, yeah, that won't surprise me lol! Makes you realise what we have here
    Gimme sammich!!1

    Reborn Sammich

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    shame to lose one of our fellow guildies.
    Hopefully we'll instill the same fear on our adversaries once you're gone.

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    wait wait

    Can i have your stuff ?

    (old schoolers will remeber that infamous line before FC reset the forums )

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