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Thread: What does Sided Map Upgrade show?

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    What does Sided Map Upgrade show?

    I once heard that when you install the Sided map ugrade, what you see on your minimap is a red dot for people who are not in your faction.

    Is this the case? If so, is it visually distinct from the red dot that would indicate a non-human monster? Do the dots for the two factions you are not a member of (ie, if you are Clan, the dots for Neutral and Omni) appear distinct from one another?

    I've resisted installing sided map upgrade because I am concerned about losing my ability to distinguish between monster dots and enemy people dots.
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    What the Side Map Upgrade does is make Clan people one colour, and Omni another.

    I think Clan appear orange, Omni blue. Neutral might stay white.

    Don't worry, you'd still be able to see the monsters quite clearly
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    Neutrals - white
    Clan - orange
    Omni - blue
    Monsters - red

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