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Thread: Boss Exit

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    Boss Exit

    I'm a born again newbie back after a year long break. The new boss team missions are a nice change but I have one question that might be a FAQ...

    Why isn't there an exit to the outside of the mission in the boss room? Was there a specific design reason why this welcome reward was not added? To hard to impliement? Would it be a nerf to the 3-4 professions that can grid out?


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    Great idea!

    Bump for boss exit!

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    Amen brotha...
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    Good idea. To make Boss more interesting, maybe even remove the button we have now and replace it with the Button (Exit). Can't give players a boost unless you make sure to wield the Bat ..

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    Yeah boss exit.. nerf the fixer JK awesome idea...
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    make it require mission completion to appear
    or maybe they want us to run like rats in a sadistic lil maze
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    I think the general idea was to either keep the players inside the mission or in the grid instead of BS for as much time as possible to lessen the stress on the server.
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    I already saw this thread, but refrained from answering due to the pleasant show of confidence from Lumin.
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    Yep a boss exit would be nice.
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    YES do it

    That would be beautifle, a way to escape at low lvls without haveing to die of boredom.

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    and cause of a bug ( i know FC) everytime team will be alone in bossroom cause boss used exit to run away..
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    Heck yes! In fact, let's take it a step further... if you complete the mission successfully, a Grid Terminal appears! Woohoo!!!

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    Bad idea......

    first, I'm quite sure that will cause a awfull lot of bugs.

    and second point, there is enough profession with team grid capacities (fixer, doc, trader, NT), what will be the point to have team grid if you have an exit at the end of a mission.
    foremost if you don't have any one of these profession in your team, i'm not sure that you will manage to get easily inside boss room and kill him

    as for the low lvl, then you just lvl up like everybody and you will really enjoy the time you came across a teammate who say: "Do You want me to grid us outta here?"....
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    Good idea, give us boss exit now ;:P
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    They could make it so you have to kill the boss AND complete the mission to get the boss exit.

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    yes, make it only appear if you get a token and have it take you to the mission entrance so you don't have to deal with all the warping ( and people getting lost for half an hour trying to get out of a mission when they don't have a grid-der prof in team ).

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    You guys just need to sign up for the Adopt-a-Fixer program.
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    I never see any fixers in missions, they are all camping claws in Pleasant Meadows for GA :-)

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    Bump. Good idea for stable, lagless AO. Really, if they already fix all bugs (warping mobs includes) why not add Boss lift?

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    while you are at it

    save the maps when you ld.

    put markers on when you find a lift.

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