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    While it had only been six months since Zane "Provisioner" Seagale's unexpected landing, he wasted no time making repairs to his trade vessel. He was ready to leave. Ready to leave this hole which he had called "home" for one-half Earth year.

    "Rubi-Ka", he spoke to himself. "I never wished to stay here longer than a day, yet I'm almost a year older now. I suppose this planet does have potential." Potential, he thought, was all Rubi-Ka was ever about. Sure, there was "talk" from both Clan and Omni leaders, as well as members of the ICC, that conditions would improve and that Rubi-Ka would be a place at which it was worth staying.

    Talk is cheap.

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    As he looked over his control panel, he wondered about all his friends that he would be leaving behind without so much as a "goodbye". He thought about how much he had progressed within the independent traders on Rubi-Ka.

    He also thought about his life before crash-landing on Rubi-Ka.

    He had a family, friends, a succesful career, and even a fair social life.

    His hand hovered over the "launch" button.

    "Life on Rubi-Ka is different", he thought to himself. "In the rest of the Universe a promise is a promise, a deal is a deal, and if someone you are doing business with breaks a deal or a promise, you never do business with them again." It seemed simple enough.

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    Was he ready?

    He had grown far too accustomed to life on Rubi-Ka...

    Was he too attached?

    Once again, his hand hovered over the "launch" button.

    Was he ready?

    Unlike Rubi-Ka, he was 110% ready...

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    As his finger finally depressed the button he realized with horror that he had in fact not pressed the launch buttion but the SELF-DESTRUCT IN 10 SECONDS button. As his hands dashed madly about the console trying to over-ride the the anti-mater reactors sheilding which had already retracted to such a point so that he could make out his bones beneath his skin from the high energy particles bouncing around in the room.

    "Ah cra..." was all that made it out of his mouth, and in what to him only seemed like an instant, but was in fact almost 5 minutes of real time he found himself staring aimlessly at yet another filthy ressurection terminal, the same one he had been staring at the very night before.

    "Now what?" No ship, and monthy taxes coming up in just 3 earth days.

    He stood up, trided to assume a dignified posture, but was still a little weak in the knees.

    "Trader LFG!"

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    So she found a team ?
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    So she found a team ?
    Hope so!
    Enforzaaa-220/25/68 Enforcer - Vatos Locos

    And a dozen of other alts not even worth mentioning.

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