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Thread: /OOC Is there going to be any story for Rubi-Ka2?

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    I am here with yet another update to this thread...

    Today I would like to talk about the name situation as it is when swithing dimensions. As it is now on Rubi-Ka 2, we the citizens really don't have a chance to become well known throughout the public. Most every person that is known around here is from RK1, mainly because their guilds have the ablity to be in the public eye, when Rubi-Ka 2 guilds & the people in them simply aren't. The Rubi 2 guilds that are influential can get known through our server, but never really reach the eye of the public. There are two reasons for this:

    1) News isn't posted about Rubi-Ka2 guilds enough in the "Voice of Freedom" and "Rubi-Ka times"

    2) No news is posted regarding Rubi-Ka 2 people to make theminfluential.

    3) Rubi-Ka 2 guilds & people have nothing to do to make themselves known as far as events. This is mainly what this whole thread is about.

    So where does this situation leave us? Well it leaves us with two choices, either switch dimensions- start all over and reform our guilds, or stay where we are and be unknown. Now aside from the fact that some of you can make your names on both dimensions, some of us can't do that. Now the ones that can't do that are stuck in a bad situation if they choose to switch. Lets just say for a moment that I wanted to switch dimensions, now my luck so far is that I CAN'T use my name over, even when I delete my original character. So what will happen is, I will have to pick a new name, which will cause me to have to start an identity all over from scratch, and on top of that I am already known on these and other bulletin boards as "Sepentura." I have already switched names once when I switched to Rubi-Ka2 in the first place, I then established an identity as myself on there, I don't want to do it again.

    So what is this long speech really about? well here is the gist:

    1) Rubi-Ka 2 people do not have the ability to become well known in the public eye. This is from no news reports in the papers about events on Rubi-Ka 2.

    2) Rubi-Ka 2 guilds don't have the ability to get well known because of the same reasons.

    3) If we do choose to switch then it means starting all over and rebulding everything we have worked for.

    4) Even worse, some of us can't reuse our names, and will have to remake an identity for ourselves as another name. This might not sem like a problem, but it is a big one to those that want to be someone in this game.
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    I totally agree with you Sep!

    We do need more of a story line. However even when you send reports to funcom, they basically ignore you! And never get back to you, heh i guess your just going to have to become like Captfallout. Even though he done alot of ranting and raving about things, "SOMETIMES" he had a point.

    Bump, Bump
    -Shana Siirine Denick-

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    RK2 was never supposed to be....they did it after launch because there servers were getting hammered. They need to just move everyone over to RK1 of course letting you keep all your gear etc.
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    Originally posted by Bruzar
    RK2 was never supposed to be....they did it after launch because there servers were getting hammered. They need to just move everyone over to RK1 of course letting you keep all your gear etc.

    You first tell us that RK2 was made to handle server load, but then you want us to merge into one server again? This would just simple crash the servers when everyone tries to log in.

    It will never work like that. I can also tell you that many people won't want that to happen anyway.
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    Yes Sephy i agree with you, when and if we are able to switch dimenstions the very same thing will happen there is no dout about it. Funcom just cant handle all those people at one time. So we'll just have to wait and see! I think they should have the events that affect the story line on both at the same time, but of course they just dont see that ether.
    -Shana Siirine Denick-

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    Okay it appears we still lack an official response on this matter, so I am back with some suggestion to Funcom on what they should do to help us.

    - Report more news on the political situation from RK2 in the Voice of Freedom and Rubi-Ka Times!
    - Hold more events on RK2!
    - Put dimension switching on the list as a top priority!
    - Be honest and straight with us about your ability to run the story on RK2, tell us what you can do, and what you can't! Let us know where we stand so we can decide to stay or not without missing out!
    - Consult the faction leaders of RK2 on their opinions of what should be done!
    - Listen to what the factionl eaders have to say, and make use of their ideas!
    - Recruit more ARKs and GMs to RK2!
    - Put these ARKs and GMs to work soley on events!
    - Reply to this and other threads regarding RK2 and the story, tell us the truth, and let us know what is ahead in our future so we won't waste our time!
    - Give RK2 back the "Voice of Freedom" channel to show us that you do care that we are even here.

    Take these suggestions Funcom and put them to good use.

    I for one am sick and tired of missing out on every story event that comes because it is on RK1. I feel that we RK2 citizens have already missed the first quarter of the storyline, and are forced to waste even more of our precious time being left out. I am tired of being treated like an outcast by the very game and company that I have supported through good times and bad. I have always stood up for Funcom, but this time they ahve gone too far, they have excluded the very ones that support them, and that is truly wrong! Let us be a part of the story is all I ask, I don't care how, but please let us have a fair chance!

    P.S. I have sent an email, in which I asked several questions regarding the storyline as it pertains to us, the RK2 citizens, as soon as I get my response I will post it all here.

    RK2 citizen paying for the RK1 storyline.

    "The future is in your hands."

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    As a small update, I am trying to form a unique roleplaying guild on Rubi-Ka 2. We hope to be able to change Funcoms opinion of RK2, and hold many events. I will protest with all my breathe the treatment of RK2 from the creators. We have yet to see the council of truth, or corporation imput, as a fact I have never seen any of our leaders step foot on RK2. Now news is posted in the papers, so we are left out, and that is where my guild is gonna step in, we are gonna try to change everything, and if we simply can't change anythang on RK2, and Funcom refuses to help, then I guess there's always RK1

    Well anyways, if anyone is interested in being a founding member of a hardcore roleplaying guild aimed at changing RK2, please email me at or contact me on RK2 as "Sepentura"

    "The future is in your hands."

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    Smile This is how it should be ...

    This is a great thread. Sepentura gives great constructive criticism without the screaming, whining, and hair-pulling I've seen on other threads with similar subjects.

    I feel that this is a great example of how we should approach Funcom about game issues. Clear statements of what we think is wrong, how it could be fixed, phrased in a polite way instead of swearing and screaming childishly. I mean, seriously, if you were FC, what would you pay more attention to? I'm not saying it will necessarily produce results any more so than any other approach, but at least it's mature.

    <Begin aside, totally unrelated:>
    Many people seem to think I am flaming them when I reply to their posts with rational explanations of why they seem like fools.
    I really don't care. I pay to play this game for many reasons, one of which is to stir things up on these message boards. If you don't like what I have to say, tell me or ignore me. I just suggest that you do it maturely or you look like even more of a fool. MrBunny, this means you.
    <End aside>

    Keep up the good work, RK2ers, and let me know how it goes.
    I'll be leveling up on RK1 ...

    - Sllaagor
    Clan - Atrox Enforcer

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    You have a good point there Sllaagor, and i feel the very same way about it.
    -Shana Siirine Denick-

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    Why don't we...

    I'm on RK2 mainly because I thought RK1 would be much more laggy. Perhaps we should make our own storyline plot... I'm sure we could gather enough clanners together to go and assault one of the Omni cities!

    Seriously though I would like to see some more story plot on RK2.
    The Returned.
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    Thumbs up

    U bet we are gonna write our own story ......we will not give up so easy....

    You'll be hearing from me Sepentura.......

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    Talking Separated at birth?

    Cardolan, are you a lost relative of mine?

    For I am none other than Frederick "Numi7" Mirabelli, also a neutral, also Solitus. From Newland City. Hmm...
    Numi7, Omni-Tech Employee
    Solitus Engineer
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    Wow, it's good to see so much support for RK2 from the players btw, thanks Sllaagor! Anyways, Cardolan, my good friend, you know where to find me, I can't wait to get your point of view I welcome anyone to join my new guild, WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD OF RK2 /tell sepentura or email

    The guildpage I put together is Sea of Change

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    Another update here on the status of RK2...

    Today, Feb. 7, Masked Commandos attacked 20k here on RK2...It was a great event. The troopers stormed in and started killing Omnis...It was then that the words "Dust to Dust" were heard, which notified everyone of just who was behind this attack- The Dust Brigade. Many people joined in the fight, more than most people have ever seen in 20k, and it took them all to destroy this enemy. So since so many people showed up that destroys the idea that if Funcom holds an event on RK2 no one will show up, the crowds proved the naysayers wrong! It was a great day for RK2, even though this event also took place on RK1, it shows that we were treated as equals with the events. Thank You Funcom!

    This was a great event, and I hope that Funcom holds many more, and more often on RK2. I give credit when it is due, and they deserve a thank you for listening and doing an event.

    /me claps for Funcom.

    Now just don't stop with the events!

    "The future is in your hands."

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    Bet you thought this thread had died didn't you...Well I can't let that happen

    I have two very direct questions for you all, and FUNCOM, to try to answer.

    1. Why doesn't Rubi-Ka2 have the "Voice of Freedom" chat channel? Rubi-Ka1 has it.

    2. Why does every news report in the "Voice of Freedom" and "Rubi-Ka Times" come from Rubi-Ka 1? This also importantly means reports from the GM Reporters in TAG and other papers.

    I see no reason why we should pay and play this game only to be treated like yesterdays garbage. There was an event Feb.7, but none after, Rubi-Ka1 has already had like 8 attacks to our lowly 1 attack, and this is not fair at all.

    I choose to play on Rubi-Ka 2, that is very true, but I shouldn't be forced to choose RK1 to be a pert of the storyline. Funcom opened another server, so it is their responsibility to treat the players there fairly.

    Funcom, do something.
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    "The future is in your hands."

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    Hey Sepentura,

    I agree 100% with u and i bet the whole lot on RK2 do as well....

    I managed to get an answer from Ragnar, the story man, in another tread here

    We just gotta hang in there and hope to see that things will change for the better......

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    i agree

    Some ppl would say to us why dont u just join RK1 for some ppl that is not possible, either they dont want to leave there player that they have worked so hard for or they dont know how to ajust to the different reason is that im on a 56 g a y! and being on RK1 would just lag me to ****

    Fcom should occomadate ppl like me and others in my position.

    SORT IT!

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    Well Cardolan, it is kind of good news...I guess...
    maybe we will get our Voice of Freedom channel back...And maybe it will be used heh

    I surely hope someone at funcom has read this post...

    "The future is in your hands."

    Former Leader - Sea of Change

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    I rarely use the shopping channels when roaming about, but upon exiting Tir Backyard 1 after my arrival yesterday on Rubi-Ka 2, across the shopping channel I saw some details of an item being auctioned, from none other than SHOPBOT!!

    I was very surprised, as well as excited, to find that shopbot has made it onto Rubi-Ka 2 at long last.

    Does anyone know how long it's been on RK2?
    Stroke me, you know you want to.

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    Sure ther eis. If you want to RP on RK2, check out I don't think you will be dissapointed.
    Chang "Nortsrum" Brockmeyer,
    Division 3 [Omni Reclamation] -- RK2

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