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Thread: Bye bye

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    Bye bye

    I just want to make it official :/
    Vaultcitizen ADV 190. Teh pistol gimpness
    Catspawgirl NT 171. Pnh/Ior Dispenser
    Mareva Fix 167. GSF, Hot and fix grid Dispenser
    Canigou MP 135. CI Dispenser
    Pipboy2001 MA 80ish in gamboling doing /fblock.

    Rubi-Ka 1

    allways /tell Vaultcitizen

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    hugs, hope you enjoy whatever you move onto.

    Lilnymph - Clan Fixer - RK1
    lilnymph wrote on November 21st, 2003 08:01:01:
    You may take our postcount threads, but you will never take our FREEDOM!!!!!
    Originally posted by Cz
    The post count is mine! All mine! Mwahahahah!

    40.476190476190474% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?
    Style over Substance

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    I wish you the best in your future endevours, although I did not know you, I still Dont like to see people go.

    Take care of yourself and be well

    Best Regards

    Tikon - Forever an MP. Rest in peace my dear old friend.

    Remember, Life is a Journey, Not a Destination, So enjoy the ride..

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