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Thread: New Year is over...

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    New Year is over...

    So there is the question...

    How did you welcome in the new year?

    ...hmmm. I topped off 2002 with some bubbly and....well I'll spare you the rest

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    unless we just entered new new year I think this is still new year.. though that just might be me
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    I already saw this thread, but refrained from answering due to the pleasant show of confidence from Lumin.
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    yeah the new year lasts for roughly the same as the old one ;P

    unless FC are in charge of dates this year.... in which case merry 1903 all

    i celebrated the new year.......... by ignoring it and going to sleep lol
    but i did get drunk in a rather unladylike fashion and cant remember what happened much on boxing day lol

    (thats the day after christmas for all you american types)

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    I fell asleep before the New Year.

    Before that, I was celebrating New Year quietly at home. Of course, I also made sure to put in some time on AO.
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