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Thread: What buffs is CZ using?

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    Talking What buffs is CZ using?

    Ok, its January the second, and I am at work. (To the non workers amoung you this is a situation also know as boredom, and not likely to get much work done )

    A strange though just occurred to me, I wonder what buffs CZ is using on these forums? After all he is doing the tanking for Funcom against all the angry Mobs here ( ). So, any ideas guys?

    please try and keep it friendly a fun


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    Originally posted by Cz
    The post count is mine! All mine! Mwahahahah!

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    Dunno, but he definitely harassed a fixer for an NCU buff to slap in a few extras.
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    Cz is an agent. Plain and simple. Running FP fixer, of course.

    He definitely has a fixer run-buff going, just in case he aggro's too many "flaming"-red mobs...

    ...also has some uber-version of Ruse of Taren running, so that he can hit sneak and lurk about and observe what all the mobs are doing...

    He's also a soloer. Cz needs no team!

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    Cz is exploiting, it is as simple as that .. first off he implant stepped before they fixed that.. then he exploited inn the ncus before they fixed that.. he also stacked implants when that worked... he probably got a few more things up his sleeves aswell.. like a ql 300 pre-nerf sunburst
    or perhaps some of them pre-nerf reflect bracers.. who knows what his bank holds
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    I already saw this thread, but refrained from answering due to the pleasant show of confidence from Lumin.
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    He's definitely running Behemoth, Hack'n'Quack, Superior Omni-Med, and RRFE.

    I also bet he's got in all three implants for Jobe Clusters of fire reflection, and two pre-nerf TL6 Element reflection bracers.
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    Not to mention sneak buffs so powerful they are only known to him and a few GMs. Probably a hefty runbuff, too, or he has a stilleto which can go into stealth mode.

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    Damn MORB I was about to show them that


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    RestrictAction Wearer 2 - Doesn't that prevent you from doing anything? Or is that RestrictAction Wearer 6?
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    Frankly we don't know anyting about it other that it's there and Enforcers can kick people in the nuts.

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    Originally posted by Shatai
    RestrictAction Wearer 2 - Doesn't that prevent you from doing anything? Or is that RestrictAction Wearer 6?

    That's #6 (see the trader charms)

    #2 restricts the player from doing anything useful.


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    Oh man.. {drool} that's such a beautiful suit! Ah.

    Anyways, I bet Cz is using one of the greatest nanos of all time: The first engineer nano, Armour Megaboost- boosts AC by 14. No one can stop him with that on!!
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    wow, cool!

    does it drop of ian warr?

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