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Thread: best ways to make money?

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    best ways to make money?

    I see people going around with al this massize amount of cash and i cant seem to make **** worth of credits. What is everyones suggestion for a non guild player to make money?

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    Blitz missions in Broken Shores repeatedly for days on end for QL239 Anima nanos. Thats prolly the best and fasted reliable way to make cash. Otherwise... go win some unique loot and sell it.
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    get a trader to lvl 25

    run missions for ql 239 anima nanos

    stock up on the nanos, give them to the trader

    have the trader sell em in the trader store, with triple imped computer literacy, and that complit buff running

    rake in the money on your trader, and xfer it back to your main.


    Run missions for ql 199 Ithicas, ql 200 NCU, and other various items, that people really want, that are too lazy to go out and get.

    Ithicas go for 1-2 mil a pop, as do NCU chips




    Thats about all i can think of right now, im sure there are other ways

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    how about for low levels (lvl 69 currently)? I dont want to be forced to beg...

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    heres a tip
    just stop worrying about your money
    the higher you get the more money you will have

    it will all just come to you

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    or just do missions and missions and missions etc etc.... it takes ages to get the credits u need...... What the Perfect Blitz?
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    Indeed not worrying about money is a smart thing to do.
    Once you get to level 120 you can get plenty of cash from just selling the junk you find in missions.

    I'm L160 now, and can make about 1M a mission just from looting stuff. So that's without even trying. When I go blitzing, it takes me 4-7 minutes to blitz 3 missions (terminal time not included) giving me about 1.2-1.6M from the items I blitz for.
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    BEst way to make money, right now, is to take yo damn shoe off and let me lick the dirt off your stank feet.

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    The best way to make cash at lower lvls is to grab Team Missions to solo.

    Get someone(pay them like 50k if needed) for a temp team, pull 3 missions(if you paid) or each grab some and just kill everything in it and kill boss.

    Take like 6 empty backpacks and fill them up(I used to loot everything) and you make a nice chunk of change off vendor loot. Sell boss loot to players.

    Not sure about Omni, but for clan there are enough people standing around FT tir hanging out and jump at a chance to make some cash for a 2min team.

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    Start an Atrox MA
    Get Clicksaver
    At lvl 5ish pull missions for QL10 Concrete Cusions.
    Get 3 missions close together.
    Run mission
    Sell pairs for 250-300k

    I did this many times and made between 10-15 million each temporary MA before I couldnt pull anymore with QL10 Cusions.

    Now at lvl 157 I make more then I can spend just doing mission. I have noticed that instruction discs sell for a ton at vendors. Hell I got 700k for a Grid Armor 4 disc once!


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