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Thread: Voice commands - How to create new ones

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    Voice commands - How to create new ones

    Hereby I wish to ask how you can create additional voice commands
    (Note: I don't mean how to modify the 6 exisiting ones).

    Many thanks.
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    Are you sure that this can be done? If so, I would also like to know

    My guess to making new ones is to save a sound file in the Sounds folder in AO directory and then make a script to run that sound...

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    I don't think you can...

    As the six voices are actual in game commands I believe you only have options adjusting the exsisting six.

    Unless FC put in blank voice commands like


    So that they will play scripted files, however I don't see the point as no one will hear your file unless they downloaded and placed the same sounds in their AO folder...

    Just curious what the need would be.
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