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Thread: Anyone notice this on the NW box

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    Anyone notice this on the NW box


    guess its time to tell the truth... Matrox or bust baby.. He he I get 3 pay checks this month with 2 payed hollidays... 9700 sorry your going to the wifey... 3dfx man what the hell am i still doing with this card sorry Jay (my son)... sweet framerates... 16x AA here I come... oh sorry did I jump off the ATI bandwaggon.. opps
    Q u o t e:

    Pardon me for hijacking the thread, here..

    But, Brion - if you don't want your mother to know you were up and on the computer at 3:29 in the morning - DON'T post on a forum that she reads.


    From the WoW forums. best PWNAGE EVAH!!!

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