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Thread: Grats on Skulldawg (RK2's first farmed expierence)

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    hehe... so this is how you fight in Clan world?

    Full takeoff at boards we had that once... wasn't fun... never is...

    As for farming or not... well, I know skull from his "child-days" in evil inc... and I know he's an ambitious lad... I also know a lot of you guys like to shout out if anything's wrong and build any conflict up to the skies...

    I see peeps bragging about somthing, I leave it.. it's none of my concern... I see someone farming for a title.. what does it have to do with me?... nothing

    a lot of peeps might comment on this because it feels like the farmer is taking credit for something he's *absolutely* not entitled to have. Well... still doesn't make anyone the "better man" when peeps start fighting like mad about it and it still doesn't harm you that he walks around with a fake title... the need to shout out "he's a fake!!" or "kthxstfu" (or whatever is the popular abbreviation today) doesn't exactly shine with goodness either... just leave it.. if you don't like it.. leave it. don't put your head into it.

    I know there's a lot of things to say about certain clan guilds.. but atm.. eventho we've lost tara, lagging behind seriously on tower situation and couldn't kill a 250 base with the largest army we could summon... I still feel like staying omni.. a lot of good guild leaders keeping the fights straight, keeping the kids out (mostly) and promoting *respect for others model of the world* as never before. (learning from our mistakes.. I should hope so)

    Have a good one peeps

    Dengy - ghimp

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    GOB GOB!
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    Victory to the omnis! The Renaissance attacked Nemesis in theyre base in Mort. The attackers won!
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    lets not forget

    poor poor skully . i feel for man i truely do.
    but you should of known not to mix with the likes of loxxie.
    she is the true evil here . all she ever does is point that wicked finger at ppl and say bla blah blah..
    and the funny things is , she has 300 fingers pointed right back at her...

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    Bleh. Sometimes I wish funcom would add some huge omni advantage so we clans could shed all the flighty neerdowell former omni's who jumped clan cause we were perceived as being stronger.

    That's right, go back to omni you no good side jumpers! (you know who you are)
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    *Points to Speed* blah blah ^^

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    Re: lets not forget

    Originally posted by Speeddlr
    poor poor skully . i feel for man i truely do.

    Are you saying he DIDN'T farm and bored magically lost his neophyte... and most of his novice title, while, skulldawg magically gained expierence?


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    cant we all just get along?

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    lame ass!! well well... nemesis i say... (no offence Loxx)

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    Originally posted by "Q"aro (Desp)
    lame ass!! well well... nemesis i say... (no offence Loxx)
    You aren't even clan. lol


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    o_0 Jerry Springer is back in town!

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    Re: Re: lets not forget

    Originally posted by Megabio

    Are you saying he DIDN'T farm and bored magically lost his neophyte... and most of his novice title, while, skulldawg magically gained expierence?

    are you also saying that bored247 didn't quit ao cuz of all u a-holes giving him crap in tells?
    don't really see a big deal about a friend giving away his title cuz he quit playing the game.
    and bored gave up all his titles and quit game at either freshman or no title.
    Originally posted by Knasbollen


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    Read the thread from the beginning, but forgot what it was all about.. Fact is, most of the clan titles is farmed rest is fought against eachother, dont care much tho since titles dont mean much anymore.. only clan pvpers with skills i respect left is athx and trystar (even tho he acts like a child).. rest dont make it unless they're on the "funcoms flip side".

    Several Neophytes on rk2 .. most even got freebees,,.. whats the fun about that?.. and a Experienced that only got freebees.. guess thats fun in a way.. I dont know.

    Getting something infront of your name but not earning it, cant be fun. or can it?

    .. all sounds like a soap opera.. **** it.
    James J. Hill: "Give me Swedes, snuff and whiskey, and I'll build a railroad right through hell!"

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    Red face

    Well title or no title,
    asking people to duel, you usuaully get refused. or some excuse that their profession buffs are too good or what not.
    even if they do they zone and can't accept loss,
    why do the same people who zone and title hug ask for duels when they just zone if they are losing...
    I don't see how that is fun and that "earns" thier pvp title
    sure they "earned" but with cowardace.
    there is no honor in title hugging either.
    I would duel them if I feel i'm up for a challenge.
    So don't ask me to pvp if your gonna get outside buffed while we fight or if you will just zone.
    and I pref self buffed.
    Originally posted by Cz
    Please moderate yourself a little bit here folks. Shouting "exploiter" at people is not nice. And using a run buff to stay out of range while a HoT does its work is in no way an exploit.

    P.S This is how I see and feel about PVP atm so if you want to take that as a personal attack, That is just you I'm not mentioning names.
    Last edited by Realness; Jan 18th, 2003 at 11:17:15.
    Originally posted by Knasbollen


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    props to deng - he knows best
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    ...after you fix cams can we get a 250 lvl cap? or maybe a 5k token board? for some poetic justice...
    BR 15 CR 2 Sniper / Medic / Engineer - Markov

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    1 word to Deng for his post. "Respect"
    Originally posted by Knasbollen


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    Bump for Skull

    And Orba, any time, any place.
    Sbje RK2 Soldier
    Sbee RK2 MA

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    BUMP for your screeny in your sig. lol ,)


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    OMG Sbje that's quite a sweet bank balance u got there..

    Say if Sky's not on tonight, you wanna maybe go grab a bite or sumthin?

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