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Thread: PLease dont allow missions to be rolled in BS anymore.

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    PLease dont allow missions to be rolled in BS anymore.

    I know, kind of drastic. Right now, Broken Shores = the one stop shopping center though. THere are only 2-3 reason people will NOT roll missions in BS whenever possible.

    1.) The first and formost rule. You arent high enough lvl yet ( ql120 i think is about as low as you can roll a mission in BS )

    2.) You dont have high enough comp lit to get in. ( still, kinda a lvl thing )

    3.) You are getting missoins for the team for the first time ever and have no idea what you are doing.

    Otherwise, ALL missions are takin in BS.

    IF you need that hunk of armor, or new nano, you pull up clicksaver, and tell it to hunt for said nano, in Broken Shores. let it roll awawy, and WALA! One new nano, NCU, Armor, Weapon, whatever. IF you need it! BS has is!

    Shop smart!!! Shop BS-Mart!

    There are only 2 reasons I bother to venture out into the world anymore.

    Killing a unique, or a tower battle.

    BS is the lair of Satan.

    PLease dont let us get missions there anymore. FORCE us to go other place's. OTherwise it will not happen. We are all to used to the "easy" road. Myself included. When I DO suggest we take a missions somewhere else besides BS, I get the normal "WTF!! Are you nuts? BS is so easy to get to!!!"

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    The only thing more boring then the missions themselves is getting to the missions. Don't see why you want to make the game even more boring than it already is.


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    BS missions are mind numbing lol.

    Why cant we have same size missions in mort? for example

    Easy to get there, etc

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    I blitz in HQ instead of BS
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    Originally posted by Oriondw
    BS missions are mind numbing lol.

    Why cant we have same size missions in mort? for example

    Easy to get there, etc
    How is mort different from BS?


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    Different place

    I like weather effects in morth, storms are much more common.

    Ok whatever :0, pick a zone?

    U know you have a choice

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    I blitz my stuff where-ever it is located.

    Tho I get your point heh.

    I'd prefer if people would hunt again tho.. It's just so sad to see all the new players missioning 1 - 100 ish, and then wondering where all the content is and leave. Finding out too late they missed the best part of ao "xp wise".
    (1-120 hunting outside was my best time in ao, those 120-193 levels of missions were not;p). Only way I can hunt now, even on my alts, is to get 5-6 other high level players who still "know how to hunt" together heh.
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    /me remembers the snake pit
    /me remembers the bridge bully
    /me remembers the temple
    /me remembers 8x8
    /me remembers The Virus Place
    /me remembers Medusas
    /me remembers the lunatic camp
    /me remembers the claw camp
    /me remembers...

    /me weeps


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    Hunting in lush ownd :P
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    Originally posted by Skymarshal
    Hunting in lush ownd :P
    Lifebleeder! LIFEBLEEDER! RUN!

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    Hunting in Lush and PM still owns.

    The subway kinda took over for the minibulls and snakes in Galway.

    camps > missions for lvl 1 to around 70 imo. And hell of a lot more fun aswell.
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    The hunting is *still good*, the problem is that people won't go try it as they are all fixated on "Only missions give good XP".

    It's not true.
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    Originally posted by xpie post machine™

    Lifebleeder! LIFEBLEEDER! RUN!



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    why should anybody support this idea?

    simple question really.

    downtime sucks.

    landscape in ao is nice and dandy but not when you pass it for 10 minutes and need 10+ 1 hour missions til your next level up.

    if you do not like broken shores you can roll a mission somewhere else - but consider that it is just your opinion if you cannot find team mates that go out there with you.
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    I like everyone else am sick of Broken Shores. The reason people don't go to other places is simply because 1: 200-300 mob missions are obsurd 2: cave missions suck 3: quick to get to BS without severe lengths of downtime watching your yalm fly to the x mark. I think the delay on clicking missions is reatarded. All that has accomplished is adding more downtime to the game instead of keeping you in the action. Along those lines of staying in the action with the game we pay for is why we go to Broken Shores. With great lengths of downtime comes boredom, with boredom comes people quitting, with people quitting comes less income for funcom, with less income for funcom comes no more funcom. To bad funcom is about as smart as rocks and fail to realize this and make missions ANYWHERE 100 max mobs and take out other boreing time sinks like the delay on clicking missions and 18 hour spawn times.

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    Hence the HUNTING. Not missioning. Hunting. Hunting has virtually ZERO downtime, if you find a good spot, the only time you have to stop is when you run out of ammo.

    I doubt very much they ever thought of missions as the way to go for XP. That was for phat lewt and good gear. Then you went out into the wild for XP. Then this whole XP 'sploit' for clanners -> BS started getting people into BS, and before you knew it, all did it that way. I cancelled my account and came back. When I left, NOONE did missions, when I came back, noone - but noone - hunted. I actually tried to get a group together a few times, but gave up. Because everybody "knew" that the best XP was in missions, because of the boss kicker. However, since there is no waiting for missions to be rolled, members to be replaced etc, I seriously doubt you get much more - if any - XP from missions. And besides all that, regardless of whether you actually do get a little more in a mission or not. Missions are simply. not. fun. The draaaaag from tl5 cap to 190 was everything but fun, and if I hadn't been either a) so determined, or b) so in lack of a life and options, I doubt I would have made it. So.. to conclude: I agree with his feelings, but not idea of a remedy. Just get out! go out hunt! You don't need FC to stop making BS missions possible for that to happen, just get a team together and go make XP the oldschool way. And with all the new camps and outdoor bosses around... Why woudln't you?

    See you in the wilderness.

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    Umm high level hunting for xp does not exist. The high level mobs are immune to 90% of spells have 1000000000000001 hp's and hit extremly hard and fast. Not to mention the xp given for them is crap. Then factor in the 1mil+ xp bonus you get for completing high level missions and hunting suddenly becomes even less of an option. Then lets consider the areas that do give crap xp have grossly over powered mobs that are immune to most spells are so far away from any sort of scanner and thats another slap in the face for hunting. Funcom has shown time and time again they have absolutly no logical thought when it comes to moving their game forward. They continue to add timesinks and bugs only. Perhaps the timesinks are for the lone purpose to keep their dwindling playerbase in tact for a while longer. Who knows. A perfect example of downtime or a timesink added is with the home build treatment labs where you are no longer to turn off the black screen so you're forced to sit and do nothing for some time. It's funny how things like that are given attention for a couple days and then just brushed to the curb and forgotten about by fc. I don't recall a huge outcry from the playerbase for fc to patch in more "sit and do nothing" time after they use their treatment labs.

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    Lemee explain what unit was trying say:

    Hunting = Having Fun

    Missioning = Leveling


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    Megabio, I think I am seing your problem now, you seem to be under the strange impression you are supposed to be having fun playing games, this is not the case!!


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