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Thread: Tir is corrupted!

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    The probable reason they aren't banning people for such things could probably be attributed to the fact that they've ran off so many customers with their garbage patches and inability to fix long standing bugs, rubberbanding/black doors in missions for instance. They start banning people left and right for minor offences and they have less and less income. I can remember going to 20k lagging like hell because there were 100 people my level around and taking maximum 5 minutes to get a team and a mission. Now 20k is a ghost town Omni Ent. can take up to 3 hours to find 5 other peopple of like level to form a team. If it's not obvious to you that there's way less people playing then before then you have the brain power of a chunk of volcanic rock. And Hirum I do agree with you. Those people are extremly lame and are probably little zit faced punks that get amusement out of such stupid things.

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    I agree with u Hirum,peeps pulling nastyass guardmobs on ur poor alt just because ur omni should not be allowed,but on the other hand,its WAR.. And i think thats why u have an "ARENA" in each of the sides of the conflict... The arenas are there so teamm8s of the same side can traine etc etc, if u want to take out peeps of ther other side (clanners in ur case(,there are pvp-zones to do that.. And u Got NWs now :P ... But i totaly agree with u on the guardtraining,that really sux.... Mobs should stand put......

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    Originally posted by Hirum
    Sheffy, bro, seriously....

    The original design to the arena was flawed, I agree. It still is.

    Perhaps omni isnt supposed to be allowed in Tir arena, hence the gaurd placed on the direct root to the arena.

    But the point of my post is...

    Training mobs is a bannable offense....anywhere, anytime.

    So chill, and get the sand out of your crotch.
    lol, I wasn't arguing a damn thing in any of my posts I just said Omni has some uber guards. Good lord people

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    Sheffy, I apologize if I misread your comments on this board, although some where unethical...your right, to a lower level player, Omni does have some nasty little gaurds they can pull.

    But this obviously isnt the intent of my post...

    Training in a place that is supposed to be gaurd free, is messed up.

    And about the whole uber gaurd thing, and I dont really care because Tir got the high level gaurds for RP purposes, your gaurds can almost kill my 190 enfo, and thats insane.
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    Heres a few name of people who train mobs in Tir:

    The other day they were training guards in the arena because there was a lv 100 NT from MoK near. One of those guys trained Field Cm Wickham and I started to fight the mob. I was killing him and I also petitioned. They got pissed cause I was killing their uber mob so they trained an even stronger one. By the time they pulled the other mob, the Ark was there and busted Pegga training. After that he killed all the Commanders in Tir and now they hit for 10k of dmg. They must be hard to pull...

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    Originally posted by Emiko

    That calls for a redesign of the Tir arena.
    LOL hell yes! it shouldve been redesigned AGES ago!

    Imagine the box-shaped arena, the front half of it is covered in lag by the people standing at the line, the northwest part of it is lagged up by people pulling missions, and the northeast part of it is lagged by the bunch of folks going to the superior general store. Tir arena is by far one of the most dangerous places to duel, hell even to walk in i know an omni fixer who used his evac nano while on the arch of tir arena and the lag took too long to warp him in and when he wandered a bit he fell off the arch and died of fall dmg, funny but still thats a load of bs! lol

    Not to mention tir arena is an agent's paradise (Biohover, bogsley, etc)

    Lastly they should get rid of all the guards altogether, its true tir arena is supposed to be for clans and omni arena for omnis but people from the opposite side occasionally drop in for a test or a chat when another's is empty, and hell if there's no tower battles going on there isn't much else place to pvp at besides arenas and 2ho, imho roleplay is a stupid reason to keep 'em there.
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    if tir arena is not to your liking why not go to the new pvp dungeon "Will to Fight" or WTF

    it's always empty in there...and i'd llike someone to gank....
    .................or gank me.......someone? ............anyone?

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