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Thread: How about a button to reload weapon?

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    How about a button to reload weapon?

    I'd like a way to just press a button to reload my un, instead of dragging the bullets over the gun & right clicking.

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    see soldier forum
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    Yeah bump
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    bump, shame on you fc for not having this in game yet!

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    would be good

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    /tell Jakual

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    Good idea we need that.
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    I love this idea. Seems it would be easy to implement too.
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    I´ve posted & bumped this one a hundred times before so I guess one more wont kill me.

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    yeah, as far as i can remember, there's been a request for this since pretty much day 1... I've pretty much given up hope.. even a script command would work so that we could hotbar it..

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    What makes this complicated is that the client now has to search for the RIGHT ammo in your inventory. Once it finds it, then it will be able to load it.

    I don't use guns, so forgive my ignorance with this next question:
    What if there is more than one appropriate ammo available in the Inventory? I dunno if guns always use just 1 type of ammo ever and if there are different QLs for better results. Feel free to educate me on this matter.

    If guns only use 1 type of ammo ever and the QL of the bullets doesn't matter, then there should be no reason why there isn't a Reload button.

    Well, we all know the real reason why: Funcom. They simply refuse to put in features that would make life easier for players for some reason.

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    How hard can this be to implement?

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    If the game can automatically reload the gun when it runs out of ammo then it would be the simplest thing in the game to put a manual command ingame to initiate this process.

    Unfortunately for some unfathomable reason funcom doesn't see this . Hence the closed reload threads, and monthly requests for this function.
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    yes, the game already has all the basic code implemented for automatic ammo reloading.

    if it should not find the right ammo for some reason, it flashes a message telling you so. this happened to me in a mission recently when i switched weapons without pulling the right ammo type out of a bag.

    all that is needed is for a button to run the automatic reloading procedure on possible two wielded weapons. since the already have this type of function with brawl and burst and other actions, the hardest part would likely be finding a pretty icon for it.

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    /me executes "Bump-DOT MKX" on this thread....
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    Steroid injected bump!
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