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Thread: Can I lft on boards?

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    Can I lft on boards?

    Yes really LFT on boards. Im a level 186 Sol who has played AO for just about every day since I started 7 months ago. NW as it stands is gonna cause me to cancel my account. PvP is fun but its been made into the only think left to do. Sure you can chose not to participate in every battle that happens " which will more than likely put you on the end of a few flames" but to do what? Missions? only if you go solo. It takes forever to get e team lately and impossible to get one that stays together for more than a mission or 2. Fine when your level 50 and 1 mission can be 2 dings but alot people 150+ take those days where they do a dozen or 2 missions to get a couple dings.

    At any rate im not saying NW isnt fun. PvP is a thrill but not when it becomes all that is left. I feel the 100% suppresion around towers should last longer. Its so annoying when I go to my level 100 Controller almost every day to defend because its expected of me yet the irony is I cant attack anyone attacking my tower. I usually spend an hour or 2 scouting in Yalm. Yea, barrels of fun.

    Oh one last rant. I was attacked by an entire team today when I was PvP enabled and my team couldnt fire back. This seems a bit odd to me. Anyone agree or disagree?

    Let the flaming begin!
    me puts up TMS!

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    well not everyone can be on at the same time...

    If someone posts 3 hours before.... doesn't mean they are on...
    So whats the point?

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    Oh dezi team with me when u are online. Sometimes I still do a bs mission just for fun *smile*
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