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Thread: Neutrals become anarchists

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    Killing is a virtue? Hatred is good? Now I'm know I'm talking to a truly disgusting person. No better than Simon Silverstone or his cronies. You disgust me. It is sickening to even be around you. I am certain that many OmniTek employees would agree that hatred is not a virtue.

    For the last time, I am not neutral. I have my views and stand by them. I am not neutral. And I think that you are the one that fears adversity. You fear the clans. You fear change. You fear peace because that would not allow you to engage in your twisted pleasures. You fear peace because it would mean that people can finally come to an understanding and put aside hate and destruction, which you enjoy. You embrace hate and prejudice and genocide. You give OmniTek a bad name.
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    I dont know what a nazi is, is it a new breed on the planet? Yes, killing your enemy in war is a virtue, and claiming for peace is an act of betrayal.

    Now if you have digestive congestions, it might be because you you cant stand the pressure generated by the conflict and you are not fit enough to live on this planet. You might want to find a safer place to live.

    There is no pleasure in killing, there is pleasure in being successful in military operations.

    Willing to benefit from omni s infrastructures and not be willing to fight for the companies development has a name : you are a collaborator with the enemy and you deserve disdain from the ones that serve and fight for the company.

    ooc : you should be very careful with historical references like the nazi period, as we have many german players who might feel uneasy with dealing with scars that are not closed yet in their social conciousness as many of their grandparent that survived this period as still alive....

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    Claiming for peace and valuing life is NOT an act of betrayal. And if it is then whoever I am betraying does not deserve my loyalty or the loyalty of anyone except disgusting people like yourself.

    And the thing you described below is simply wrong. Merely wanting peace is not collaborating with the enemy. Being a pacifist is not collaborating with the enemy.

    Now, while your statement is wrong, I will openly say that I have and always will talk with, associate with, and have friends that are clanners. They are human beings, in one form or another, the same as those who work for OmniTek. Their lives are worth just as much as an OmniTek employee's.

    Finally, I will work for OmniTek, do my job, benefit from OmniTek, but I will not fight clanners that are not attacking OmniTek property. I will not attack clanners who are doing nothing to harm OmniTek property or employees. I will not assault clanners to the point of their annihlation. I will defend OmniTek and that is how far I will go. That is as much as the corporation can ask of me until I decide otherwise. I will fight for the companies developement, just not its expansion into clan areas or neutral areas.

    ((OOC: I have many German friends that I know either in real life, in this game, or in others that I have asked specifically if they mind peopel using Nazi references for roleplay or to ooc discussions and they are not bothered by Nazi references because they view them the same as I do. They do mind equating all Germans with Nazis, but I have not done that. Also, their were many German soldiers who were fighting for Germany, not Hitler and the Nazis and I am sure they would not be offended by such references. But, because it is possible it could offend someone, if anyone is offended by Nazi references, tell me and I will remove them. Thanks for bringing this to my attention because I'm used to people being okay with it.))
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    Occ : my grandfather went to a concentration camp and fortunatly managed to escape. If he did die there, i would certainly have been bothered by the nazi comparison, because it would have reminded painfull family experiences and the personal comparison, even in role playing, would have been untolerable.

    Now im in no right to claim i m hurt, because i didn t closely suffer from this sad era, and because this is role playing. But millions of people died from a racial extermination, and 100s of millions of people still bear the scars of this period in their memory. Some few of those 100s of millions could be playing this game.

    Imagine if you used the term Yankee instead of Nazi, because americans were the only ones who dared to use the nuclear bomb against civilians, and then you compared me to a yankee because of my determination to fight the enemy...because there is NO concensus about americans being unethical murderers (they won, so they cant be), you would have raised some real anger...use very old references if you want avoid any argument about your references.

    Back to character : Old Earth? What is old earth??? never heard about this...ohhh let me remember, i think i heard a legend about humanoids being originated from a so called "solar system", but then again it was denied, as others claimed life existed before that era...we have very few datas about this, but never heard about a nazi breed at that forgotten time...

    occ : we dont remember exactly how humanity was 30, 000 years ago, which civilisations existed, which conflit were going on, our memory goes as far as 3/4 thousand would we remember 20th century on a planet called earth, when humanity will have spread all over the universe. May be one or two specialised historians might have some ideas about this, but certainly not the common citizen, and even least people raised and educated to serve a company.

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    OOC: Well, like I said, if it bothers anyone, I'll take it out. So Im going to take them out. My grandfather was in the Royal Navy and thus never had person-to-person encounters with the Germans. Also, I've seen many people use references to World War Two and even eras before that in roleplaying. There are records about Russians in the World War Two era and just after it (1949) and about PharmaTek in the 1990s on so I think we do have records to "back then". Then again, this is the Prophet Without Honour but I have still seen references to that era. If you can show me where it says we have records only until such and such a time I would be grateful. I don't know where we should go in this discussion since I'm taking the Nazi reference out, so I'll let you decide. Still have to work on that name, not very scottish if you ask me
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    My dear any book detailing the ancient history of the Solitus and you will find more information you can stomach about that long-dead political movement.

    But no...these neutrals are nothing like a "nazi." What we have here are simple savages..pirates if you will, simply looking to gain a foothold on what we at Omni-Tek rightfully own. This "new breed" of neutral is only neutral in the sense that the only side they choose is themselves. It would, however, be a mistake to take that as a sign of weakness so it is better to crush it now while it is young then let it mature and spred more of its disease across the land.


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    uh?? who claimed neutrals where a kind of new breed i never heard of called nazee, or nazi or nozee....

    Is there any link with the former pacifist noze..lin that chose to join the clan terrorists for greed reasons?

    Who claimed the neutral terrorists were weak? On the contrary i regard them strong as they have faith in their beliefs. They dont regard themselves as omnis or clans and dare to fight for their rights. I admire them even more given the fact they dont have sided advantages. They are just the contrary of the coward Uwen, who takes the advantages of being omni and refuses to fight for our side.

    We will happily give the change to those happy campers if they dare to attack omni teks interests in our zones of influence. We might even finance their charity funds if we happened to need help from time to time, a bit like hiring part time manpower.

    *checks if his telepathic transmitter is on the right wave range*

    Hmm, no these misunderstandings dont come from my equipment, would you check yours Sardunos...

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    I think you must have a problem with your transmitter, you called me a coward, you should check it again. I think you meant to say non-warmongering, which in yours eye I suppose is an insult. And you also said I don't fight for OmniTek. I think you meant to say I don't attack the clans, because I do indeed fight for OmniTek, I defend OmniTek. I fight clansmen that attack OmniTek holdings, I just don't attack them without provocation. You must have meant to say that you are just a warmongerer who loves death and destruction and are a sickening individual. Yes, I'm sure thats it, you should check it again.

    Now Sardunos, I think the Vorteks may be right about your transmitter. It must be broken. Who said anything about the neutrals being Nazis?
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    You are right, coward, i must have a problem with my transmitter, i heard you say 10 messages ago that this would be your last message, and heard it the next message. I ll have it checked. Thanks for the warning *blinks*

    The presence of clans of this planet is a provocation itself. Owning bases while they didnt pay for the mining rights is just plain robbery, and this can not be tolerated. Those that accept this idea are betraying the company.

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    *sigh* i know i should have checked back sooner or later....

    Originally posted by Dragondice

    Errmmm... 1st... WE NEVER DRAGED your members to a FORCED action, ...
    nope. i never said that you did, i said you tried to, (and without paying,) but maybe we have the defination of dragged wrong. its our policy not to assist in an attack without permision from higher up. and while we normally defend neut towers without question or credits, the tower you planted and wanted to help defend was placed just moments after you attacked and distroyed a non violent clan in the HitW area. when this info was sent up by ladykali, EA pulled out immedatly.... and yes, sumokan was online at the time the EO order came down (( my alt shaquacruz was there and you know that dice))

    Originally posted by Dragondice

    they shot at the towers cuse they WANTED to shoot, they NEVER asked for money before the attack,they asked for money AFTER the attack... things are not that way... you plan ahead and act after, not backwards,...
    it was not clear as to the nature of events at the start of the fight.
    because it was part of an unprovoked attack, not pure defence or just retaliation, and our defence or your tower at the time would have been seen as an act of war aginst that clan by that clan. being as such, when it became clear that this was the case, we require payment, i dont care if you call yourself mercs or not, you need to pay to involve us in stuff like that. .... (BTW we defended you at first with PvP. it is EO/EA policy not to assist in a tower attack by attacking towers directly.we stoped when we learned the details)

    Originally posted by Dragondice

    2nd THE ONLY hate attacks we will do will be on Neutral areas occupied by Clan/Omni towers, every other tower taken down was paid for, why dont you ask a lil before you talk, .....
    ahhh, see, the only event i was talking about was infact one of these "hate" attacks on a mine in HitW, which is one of the areas that you have already stated as one of these "neutral" areas. (imo, while i may not 'like' clan /omni in areas close to neut citys, that dosent mean they dont have the same right we have to be there. what ? do you think that because theres an icc cell scanner nearby that that constitutes neutral land. btw, i did mention and specificly point to your aggression in the HitW areas as proff for my statments)

    Originally posted by Dragondice

    and why dont you ask your leader Sumokan about it.
    Ok Shaq?
    don't mind if i do.
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    Your giving me too much crap and i really dont feel like typing rightnow. =.../ Maybe i should just bring your towers down and end this.

    And Merry Christmas to all of you.
    Take your time, keep peace of mind, and smile bigtime!

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    Civil war amongst neutrals? Hmm interesting but dangerous, as barbarians could take this as an oportunity to invade neutral areas...

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    *Points at Shaq... She started it =b*
    Take your time, keep peace of mind, and smile bigtime!

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    Btw, dragon, looks like you aint the only one to like towers partying...i just saw a clan org called "towers raiders" and the char was called towerhater or sumthin like dat...oops i m getting an transatlantean accent, i should care who i m partying with =)

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    (( Ooc: What a surprise, another thread started IC, that degenerated into OOC name-calling halfway through...

    I tried to read through all of it, but found my eyes glazing over by mid-page two...

    I would just like to ask a question, and clarify, even though I did see that the leader of Tower Hunters did post...

    Are Tower Hunters actually trying to do this stuff in-character? Because I didn't get that impression at the beginning of this thread, and after reading Dragondice's initial post, I'm still not convinced. If this was just a bunch of buddies who thought, hmm, new expansion, let's try some pvp... then that's fine, not everybody is into roleplay. But it would be rather silly to base an entire thread of the same old tired Clan vs. Omni vs. Neutral off of another group's non-roleplaying actions.

    It's sort of like trying to start a war because some group of non-roleplayers started killing neutral NPC's in Stret West Bank....

    If my above assumption is correct, however, then kudos to TH for at least jumping in and winging it. If I'm wrong, and this was a planned roleplay thing, then... can y'all please keep it in-character? I'm not even going to request a little more original content, or that y'all please not keep paraphrasing the same three posts again and again....

    Anyway, half-hearted ranting over... y'all go back to your story, and enjoy ))
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    Yeah its about RP.
    Take your time, keep peace of mind, and smile bigtime!

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    ooc :

    ""Are Tower Hunters actually trying to do this stuff in-character?""

    Does it make a difference? Whatever a player does, intentional roleplay or not, can have a consequence on other players, being role playing or not. Towers Hunters might just want to have fun hunting towers? Fine. This doesnt prevent anybody from interpreting it as a political stance, especially when it does have consequences on their game play and the balance of power, and on both sides strategies on land control.

    ""can y'all please keep it in-character?""

    Appearantly all posters at least tried to mention when their remarks were occ or ic, and edited if they found out it could be misinterpreted.

    I m trying hard to understand the message that the last poster is trying to send us but i admit i still have no clue...can anybody help me, if his/her message is of any interest for the debate?

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    neutrals are still cowards, (inside information for the worried)

    Except for zimmy ;o

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    come on...

    Where's the xmas spirit?

    /me hands out eggnogg to everyone

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    i hate eggnogg..

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