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Thread: Neutrals become anarchists

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    Originally posted by Jynne
    On an OOC note, I would have to say that this organization is essentially begging to be griefed with chain-deaths at their respawn terminals.
    ((OOC: Personally I have been thinking the Clan really needs a dissident faction... REAL radical anarchists... who despise Omni Tek more than anything, but Clanners who seek to form a central government almost as much. T

    he idea that the PEOPLE of OT are not the enemy, but the beauracry and corporate stucture of greed that need to be destroyed... and any Clan group that tries to speak for the Clans and form some sort of centralized authority, will just be replacing one "Evil Empire" with another.

    This group of radical idealists would hate the Sentinels and Council of Truth and would occasionally lash out a clan groups that sought to centralize a power base under their control.

    They wouldn't mine Notum (corporate greed), but would perhaps seek to disrupt it (clan, omni, or neutral).

    What I'm worried about is that this may be thought of as "griefing". I wouldn't mind being in a faction that was sometimes considered "terrorists", but griefing is not something I seek.

    I'm wondering how something like this could be RP'ed appropriately without making people miserable.

    I really do like the idea of a "wildcard" faction... people whose loyalty is to IDEALS not clan/omni/neutral...

    Anyawayz... just some thoughts running through my head...



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    OOC : refering to childhood on a roleplaying forum can only be interpreted as new character unless there is an OOC sign before the reference. If you dont know this basic rule, how can you claim to be an "experienced" role player.

    Back to character :

    Uwen, you failed to answer my concern about you being betraying our company. Our orders are to fight clans and kick them out of the planet, as they claim rights on our mines. By taking a neutral pacifist stance you become a traitor, and as a matter of fact, should loose omni teks employees respect. Unless i m told to do so, i will fight clans till i quit the planet, as i m faithfull to Omni Tek.

    Now you try again to dirty my image by perverting my comments. I never said neutrals were inferior, on the contrary i did say (use those quotes you like so much) i respected them for the courage of their opinions, and i have strong friendships with their official leaders. The fact that they are disadvantaged in terms of damage capacity and defense is not any evidence of pity, but a statement based on facts : they have no token board, they have no leaders chat, they are a minority.

    Regarding neutrals being a side, just talk about it to their leaders and check their reaction. You will notice they might regard you at least as ignorant, at worst provocating and insulting.

    If i never intervened before on official medias, there is a reason. There was no conflict before the shipment arrived from the back end of the galaxy of drilling equipment . Nobody claimed for land, so there was no need to intervene on the political stage. Rubi ka was a vast game hunting area. This is now very different and you will see me much more often.
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    /me bows in gratitude

    Originally posted by Uwen

    And I can assure you that there are many educated clanners. I point to Nelida, Benjacrat, and Poetica and three prime examples.

    I also find it hard to believe that clanners are selfish, having given up many luxuries of life to fight for freedom.
    Thank you. There are educated clanners, but alas, a lot of **** too. But I guess you can find those anywhere *sigh*
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    Originally posted by vorteks
    OOC : refering to childhood on a roleplaying forum can only be interpreted as new character unless there is an OOC sign before the reference. If you dont know this basic rule, how can you claim to be an "experienced" role player.
    Also OOC: This is your assumption, and yours alone. It is neither a rule nor is it basic. If my character ever speaks of childhood In-Character, it refers to the period of her life when she was under the age of twelve.

    It makes a great deal more sense to refer to your 'newbie period' as "when I was a new colonist," or "only a few days after I made planetfall," or, for the native Rubi-Kans, "shortly after I'd struck out on my own in the world."

    In the end, though, there are no rules for roleplaying, only arbitrary, individual, and often double standards that people drag out primarily to put others down and/or prop up themselves.

    Here you are doing both, and in a manner arrogant and abrasive enough to merit flaming, by my own arbitrary and individual standards.
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    There is no problem at all with flaming Jynne, as stated before i am a politician and this is my role to defend a point of view, to defend my values, and to counter attack when my values are attacked. And as a warrior recruited and formed by omnitek to protect its interests , i will point out any weakness in the attackers argumentation, as abrasive and arrogant it might sound. And i see nothing wrong in pointing weaknesses in somebody who diffaming me publicly, calling me a liar and a neutral patroniser.

    ooc : there is a basic rule you are using yourself. If a comment is regarding IRL life you put ooc so that nobody can misunderstand. I didnt put occ before childhood comments, and i didnt get blinded by any clan IRL, so this could only be understood as role playing. Anyway, nothing personal, there are just two actors playing two different roles, i prefer mine tho =)

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    ((OOC: Thanks you Jynne. There is no such rule that you are talking about. I never actually claimed to be an experienced roleplayer though I consider myself to be one. Perhaps it is not me who is not the experienced one.))

    Who gave us orders to fight clanners until they are gone? No one. I am no traitor. I have done my job with OmniTek. I do my job with OmniTek. I will be faithful to OmniTek up until the day that I decide they become enemies of freedom and democracy. You do nothing but spew hatred for all things not-OmniTek.

    I did not pervert anything. I said your tone sounds like your opinions are that neutrals are ignorant, and to correct me if I am wrong. I did not ask you to pervert my words into saying I was perverting yours. I will have you know that I have talked to neutral leaders. Back when I lead a clan I had many talks with neutral leaders. They did not find me ignorant at all seeing as I am educated and an advocate for peace.

    I will also say that I do not take a neutral stance. I want peace and democracy. It seems like OmniTek may not be the place for that anymore. But perhaps it is just you spoiling and befouling how I perceive the rest of the company, so I will give it another shot. But in the end, if it turns out most employees are like you, I will have to quit, for the second time, and go join the clans and fight so that people like you will never rule over decent people who want basic rights, a say in their government, and a peaceful RubiKa.

    And trust me, there was reason to get involved on the political stage. Even without the mines there was plenty of things to fight over. But perhaps you have not been here as long as I or others and would not remember such a time.

    Now I think I will end this discussion with you as you seem to be inflexible, illogical, unwilling to listen to reason or other peoples opinions and hold only what your opinion is as fact.

    ((OOC: To Jynke: There is such a thing. Its called the Dust Brigade, though the actual clan "Dust Brigade" was forced to disband because FunCom wanted to control and direct DB))
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    who gave us orders to defend our interest against clans? Is this a joke? If you are not aware of this, yes you should go back to the barbarians....cant you hear the moto "dont forget to use your new gun on a clan member" every hour in trade and ent? Cant you hear every hour the prediction of the clans downfall? Your ears look to work worse than my burnt eyes, i would recommend a visit to the nearest implants shop.

    Or you say that i am patronising, or you dont, but you cant say "you sound", especially when the debate is written...suggesting is for the weak hinding behind evasive comments. But given your auditive handicap i can understand your problem.

    Once again if you want peace, you should have stayed neutral, instead of choosing the advantages of being sided without accepting the duties about it, which is fighting the other side. Your unability to choose a side and keep it is an evidence of your mistake in choosing to be sided.

    There can be no politics if there is no territory (resources) to defend and conqueer. Politics on a leisure hunting only planet? May be rules of conduct regarding how to share the loots and trade them, but certainly not politics.

    I agree with you, i am inflexible, as anybody with strong beliefs should. But on the other side, i cant understand your accusation of being illogical, as my arguments are only based on logic, and not on affective manipulation grounds.

    I am not leading Omni Tek, Philip Ross does, i am just a faithfull servant that follows instructions, and instructions are to fight clans and cooperate with neutrals.

    ooc : if you can t make the difference between flaming your character and attacking you personaly, you shouldnt go on role playing, sincerely, as this demands a minimum of ability to take distance and make the difference between yourself and your character. On the other hand this is a kind of compliment, this means that the role play i chose sounds realistic, this is what i m aiming for.

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    ooc : I dont see insults there, just statements.

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    ((Fixed. ))
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    ((Vorteks, maybe I just took it the wrong way))
    ((Nevver- Sorry again))
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    Yes we were given orders to DEFEND our interests from the clans. You said to attack the clans until they are gone. Those are distinctly different things. Yes there is propaganda all over the place that is anti-clan. Do you think the propaganda would be anti-Omni? Not very productive. But that is propaganda and not official orders. I ask again- what OmniTek ranking official has given orders to fight the clans until they are gone?

    And when I say "you sound" I thought that it was rather obvious that I am talking about your "voice" that comes through even in written discussions. Your personality or your emotion when you are writing something does come through and that is what I was referring to.

    And how do those two words in any way signify "weak hinding [sic] behind evasive comments"? Now instead of me jumping to conclusions about you, you are jumping to conclusions about me.

    And I was never neutral. I can still want peace. I will still defend my side and I never said otherwise. but I will not attack just for the purposes of annihlating someone. Wanting peace does not mean I cannot defend my side. And I can choose a side. I know very well what side I want to be for the time being. I never changed my political stance when I changed sides. I know exactly what I believe and will fight for it.

    And you have once again got to be kidding. You just must be a humourous person to be kidding so much. You think we couldn't have had politics before the mines? But I will just assume you were not actually on planet then so you couldn't have seen the huge discussions that happened all the time about politics. And they were not about loot or trade. They were about government, recent killings in areas where the suppression gas is low, and about other things, usually centered around some recent event. But again, I suppose you might not have been on planet or just avoided the political stage. But it was there and there were things to talk about. Perhaps you remember things like Tir Accord and the Galway Pact or the incident in Sabulum. Of course, you would have had to have never read the news to not know about those. You did read the news, right?

    No. You should not be inflexible. It leaves no room for compromise or understanding. Or perhaps that is your point? But then you nothing more than a drone and it is quite useless to have a political discussion with someone who will not listen to reason or logic. And I suppose that comment about manipulative grounds is aimed at me? Your kidding again! Ah, hehe, your such a funny person. I have not manipulated anything. I have, at times, over-analysed your responses, but if anyone is manipulating things, it is you. You said I dont know who gave us orders to defend our interests from the clans when in fact you said attack the clans until they are gone. You take a bit of figurative language and twist it trying to say that I am weak and evavise when I have nothing to be evavise about and know exactly where I stand. Again, if anyone is being manipulative, it is you.
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    tower hunters are an interesting guild. they have gained dishoner amoung neutrals and they will not be dedefended or assisted by EA/EO due to an earlier instance where they tried to drag EA into war, and without paying up front. they are not mercs, they do not attack for money, they attack for the sake of attacking any and all clan/omni mines in the HitW area. they do not move with pourpose, they are rouge terriosts and are concidered as such my the majority of neuts that i know or have spoken to. some members of the org were born of other neut guilds, and they started out of anger of the attacks on neutral mines that resulted in their destruction. but their ties with the majority of neutrals have been cut off once entering the guild.

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    *brings sleeping pills to uwen to help him find some rest*

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    *accepts the sleeping pills and goes to take a nap*
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    My dear god...

    I got half way through this post, reading response after response to vorteks. I cant beleive that someone with such a seething tongue of anger could even try to begin to start an organization by the name of "Ethical Awareness". You promote no such thing. You speak of eradication of Clans. How is that raising Ethical Awareness in anyway. You are destroying an ethnicity. The exact opposite of what your name states. How is Genocide in any way productive to Omni-Tek's cause, or in the words of your organization, how is it Ethical?

    And once again I am accused of being a harsh, and brutal person. Why in the world would you think that of people you have never met? Thats like beleiving that Philip Ross is your leader without him ever leading you. Blind hatred, and warmongering are all that I get from you.

    As for being a politician, I am sad to say that if you consider yourself a politician then I feel ashamed to be associated with you.

    I would suggest that no one associate themselves with this man. He will be the downfall of all that is good and peaceful on this planet.
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    Thank you Benjacrat, not only for your insights, but for once again proving that there are intelligent, educated clanners who know what they are talking about. And proving me right when I pointed to you, among others, as an intelligent, educated clanner.
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    Hmmm.... I am the leader of Tower Hunters, i just found this post... and i have to tell you we are no terrorists... We get PAID to take down towers, we are a mercenary Organization, working for any side that hires us, i say again... When we take down your towers... you dont have to worry about us, you have to worry about that person that hired us to take down YOUR tower. Thats all i have to say.
    Take your time, keep peace of mind, and smile bigtime!

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    Originally posted by shaquaneeva
    they tried to drag EA into war, and without paying up front. they are not mercs, they do not attack for money, they attack for the sake of attacking any and all clan/omni mines in the HitW area. they do not move with pourpose, they are rouge terriosts and are concidered as such my the majority of neuts that i know or have spoken to. some members of the org were born of other neut guilds, and they started out of anger of the attacks on neutral mines that resulted in their destruction. but their ties with the majority of neutrals have been cut off once entering the guild.
    Errmmm... 1st... WE NEVER DRAGED your members to a FORCED action, they shot at the towers cuse they WANTED to shoot, they NEVER asked for money before the attack, they asked for money AFTER the attack... things are not that way... you plan ahead and act after, not backwards, 2nd THE ONLY hate attacks we will do will be on Neutral areas occupied by Clan/Omni towers, every other tower taken down was paid for, why dont you ask a lil before you talk, and why dont you ask your leader Sumokan about it.
    Ok Shaq?
    Take your time, keep peace of mind, and smile bigtime!

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    Yes my nightmares still remind me of those tortures i had to undergo from clanners. And yes i am determined to clean the planet from clanners.

    There is strenght in hatred, like any strong feeling. This gives me the energy to fight for Omni Tek every day.

    And yes, hatred and ethics can cohabitate. We have two principles ;

    - Never attack neutrals except if attacked first
    - Never ninja settle omnis and neutrals

    There are our beliefs. Killing clans is a virtue for us and should be for any omni that deserve this name. If you don t regard killing barbarians as a virtue, then you should be brought to martial court and be judged. There is no neutral stance possible for sided people, except those fearing adversity.

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