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Thread: ChitChat magazine, edition 24

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    ChitChat magazine, edition 24

    RUR assaults ICC Department of Investigation!

    2 days ago ICC DoI officer Darvus got brutally assaulted by one of RUR's Mr. Coffee/Mr. Radar coffee-radar machines. Investigators claim the machine was rigged to intentionally fire a large volley of paper cups at Darvus.

    Upon hearing that info on the Expo DCI Hunt immediately shouted "What do you mean, 259 paper cups?!", upon which the other officers rushed back to the location, and hit the Red Button, causing the entire facility to lock down, with Darvus and the Borealis investigation case files in it, thus disabling them to continue their investigations for over a week.

    Why RUR exactly targetted the DoI isn't clear as of yet, perhaps to prevent Borealis from going back to Neutrals, or a personal feud... We do know RUR to have done foolish acts of such assault though, like "Jamming" a clan outpost's communication sattelite, with Raspberry Jam.

    Will RUR get arrested for these acts? Will the next assault involve RUR cola cans? Do they have other tastes of "Jamming" technology? Read it all in ChitChat magazines!
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    Oh no, don't you dare try pin this one on us!
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    Gunfytr stares at Fjager. "You did WHAT??"

    "It was an accident! I was testing that new gizmo, and it just got away from me!" Fjager hangs his head miserably, "Noone got hurt...."

    Gun closes his eyes, thinking fast. "OK, you know nothing about this. As far as we are concerned, it never happened."

    "Gosh, Boss, thanks!!"

    "Oh, no...we arnt done yet." Gun points to a shovel leaning in the corner, "See that shovel?"

    Fjager nods, eyes widening...

    "Good. Get it, go to the SE sector, and start digging...."

    " big a hole you want?"

    "Ill let you know...sometime next week. Get out."
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    As RUR does not currently offer a Mr.Coffee/Mr Radar bot in our catalog, we can only assume either :

    1) This is a counterfeit RUR bot.


    2) This is a RUR bot that was modified by an owner or 3rd party after purchase.

    RUR warranties do not cover non-RUR bots, or after market modifications to RUR bots. Neither can we be held responsible for the actions of those bots. If this is a RUR bot, you will find in your sales contract that the end user assumes any and all responsibility for anything that happens due to work or modifications performed by non-RUR personnel.
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