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Thread: Bump?

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    Question Bump?

    <-- Nubi

    Im such a Nubi but anyone can tell me what Bump means? I written it alot now in some Posts and have no Idea..

    I feel so Bad lol

    Thanx for youre Help...

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    when someone wants a thread to go back up to the top when viewing

    ... try it out sometimes.. goto some thread from 6 months ago, and post BUMP.. and presto.. it's on top again for everyone to regretably look at again
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    Thanx Man

    Thanx alot, now i understand

    BUMP muahahaha

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    It would generally be used to signify that you agree with what was origionally posted or something like that. It's also used to gain xp for your post count skill while not really saying anything meaningful

    Like this

    Bump (except this is social so I get no post count.)
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