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Thread: Bug: phantom NPC's

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    Bug: phantom NPC's

    Ok, this one is just plain weird. They're stading there, can't be clicked on, don't go away when you click, and are still there when you leave/reenter the room. These screenshots are not doctored. The only thing done to them was a resize and jpeg conversion.

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    Iirc, the second room type you show has a metal statue in it. Its normal "skin" is a sort of metal mesh, but sometimes the mesh doesn't load (the pink is the ambient lights reflecting on the base skin, I think) and sometimes it imprints nearby things (like your face or a mob's face) as a skin (like those wall blocks do sometimes). The first one...I've heard of the mob in a toilet before, but never seen it.
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    well, I was curious when I saw them at the first time. Tried to do anything to get a result (movement/attack/action). I ended up with concluding that they're part of the scenario. Just like any other stack of boxes, stones, plants, officedesks, chairs etc.

    The guy with his head in the toilet is funny, but I don't know what to think of the pink guy. I guess he's just strange....

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    I agree with skybert, these are just part of the inanimate game objects. Some NPC was killed by the Rubi-Ka mob, and they stuffed his head in the toilet.

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