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Thread: Yalm unequips when zoning

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    Yalm unequips when zoning

    On my trader, my yalm unequips every time I zone. I suspect this has to do with the Barter Armor pants and the Mantidae Mandibles (trader item), which both boost Vehicle Air. Without these 2 items I do not meet the requirements.

    edit- confirmed. If I meet the skill requirements without these 2 items, they yalm will stay on.
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    Actually, you need about 4-5 points more in veh. air than req, to not unequip yalm on zoning. At least I did, was using 2 Flying imps at the time.
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    This bug is in game for months.
    Got my L44 NT killed because of this, letting me lose 50% of my level worth of exp.

    GM just pressed their 'I'm sorry but can't help you because...' macro's
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