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Thread: Warping just keeps getting worse, not better

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    Angry Warping just keeps getting worse, not better

    Ok, you just patched this morning and the warping is knocking me back 3 rooms sometimes.. this is getting ridiculous.. why did I not have this problem with 14.5.. it all started and got worse after 14.6

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    Yes is getting worse with every patch. Now I warp 15-20 times per mission and black doors once every 2 missions instead of once every 3.

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    Bump for a fix on this.....

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    This last patch was the icing on the cake. Not only am I warping in missions much worse, but last night I warped from Tir West gate all the way back to Tir South Gate.. *sigh*

    I was only back in Tir because I hit reclaim due to the warping in my mission. I got disgusted and just logged off..

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