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Thread: Suggestion: Prof. Based Weapon Quests

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    Suggestion: Prof. Based Weapon Quests

    What about Quests that Mid High/High lvlers could do to obtain prof. specific weapons with nicer stats?

    Make them multi parts where you need to collect several things and build the weapons yourself with the skills of your professions use. make the quests so that its not possible to obtain the pieces solo but to hard that you need more then one group to get them.

    here are just a couple interesting weapons i would like to see:

    Fixer only weapon:
    (casts AE snare/or root)

    Crat only weapon
    (cast AE calm)

    just a couple examples.. even a title lvl cap would be cool. maybe like title lvl 5 to obtain quest. that would stop people from having high lvl friends help them get them at low levels.

    just a little idea..

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    Thumbs down Baaad!

    I want to be able to pick my weapon myself, I hate the 'prof/level/title level' restrictions already in the game.
    I'm so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I say.

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    well it could work...

    if you made it more 'customisable' say like a generic basis for the wepon(s) and depending on your prof you would need to have a certain amount of skill in one of your major ones to turn that generic thingy into something class adv needs high adv skill to make an adv sword, crat needs high psyc and so forth...

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    Red face oh yeah (not enough coffee for me yet today)

    make the required parts needed 'no drop' and 'unique'

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    only problem i would see with a generic weapon is that everyone who was wanting this quest weapon would be doing the quest and mobs prolly would be camped 24/7.

    I like the idea tho..
    maybe a generic quest for specific types of weapons, then the prof. part needed to make it prof specific

    something like: generic pistol/smg/rifle and then the parts for professions. this would spread out the mobs needed to obtain parts for these weapons and reduce the problem of tons of people fighting over spawns.

    and make the generic weapon NO DROP reducing pharmers from monopolizing spawns also

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