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Thread: IPR - new system.

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    IPR - new system.

    I want you to change into the structure which can obtain a point with money to IPR-. There is no system consumed although money is infinitely supplied in a server, and I think that a new player stops being able to enter easily. With this, it is [ of making a new player giving and starting a certain amount of money like UltimaOnline ] necessary. Control of prices is making the money of a player consume by the vender and erasing from a server. A new style airplane is a large sum, and although control of prices is likely to have a meaning, I can think that no players consume individual skill. However, if obtained with money, they will perform IPR.
    my idea
    TL1-2 > cant buy IPR
    TL3 > 1 IPR per 1mil
    TL4 >1 IPR per 10mil
    TL5 >1 IPR per 50mil
    TL6 >1 IPR per 100mil
    Although it is quite a large sum, I think so much that IPR is worthy. Giving a means by which it can respond to them, now which can consider the addition of various change, arms, etc. regards its character as becoming the conditions which can play for a long time. Money is someday saved in a certain efforts. I want you to add freely the pleasure which can carry out character adjustment using it. If it is made, new account will also increase. It is the greatest merit for your company. Since there was no confidence in English, it wrote with the translation tool. I want you to allow a random sentence.

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    your nuts
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    *waits for Yazule to come*


  4. #4 thanks. I saved my IPR until after 100 for a reason. Why would I want to pay 100m to change weapons?
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