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    Something kinda odd, we all have to pay 19.95 to get play with the NW features, but all of us people who bought or downloaded the game before NW had to pay 19.95 for the game in the first place. So that means were paying 40 bucks total. So now when someone new to the game wants to join AO, all they have to pay is 19.95 to buy it at the store.

    Hrm, why should all the newbies not have to pay for the original game? Were all getting riped off here. BTW I don't care for any "pfft you bum go pay up kiddie." I'm just pointing something out.
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    Yeah it kindof sucks... Btw.. I think this expantion gave about as much added gameplay as did the patch for team missons and such... hmm but that was free...

    /me takes out his shaver and heads for funcom's home base...

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    You payed 19.95 for the original game?! NERF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't care about the price as long as I can find the game.

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