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Thread: Soldier Skill Request: Perfect Reflective Field

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    Soldier Skill Request: Perfect Reflective Field

    Sorry stupid idea!
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    hmmm why do I need that? For the little more damage which is reflected back to the attacker? NO. For the 45NCU which means I have to cancle it manualy when I want to cast TMS? NO. For the higher nano cost and lower duration as RRFE? NO.

    That is nano program would be so useless that I would say funcom will implement that soon

    Comeone thats an ordinary RRFE with 1 damge more reflected to the attacker and 1 NCU cost more which would make TMS unable to cast btw. This would be another big soldier joke when that buff comes out hehe.
    You do it cause you have to do it - but you don't do it cause you want to do it.

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