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Thread: Designs ON armor!! Suggestion......

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    Question Designs ON armor!! Suggestion......

    Maybe you can add a new slot like the back armor slot so that we could put stuff there that might give our armor a "Woodland Camo", "Tiger Stripe Camo" Look. You could use that to give us social clothes without haveing to take off our armor. It could replace the current color and add a new color and design.

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    sounds like a great idea. more lag is what we need, fix the lag and then add more graphics. just my thoughts. but i do like the idea, but it should be a trade skill, so you have to take it off and get buffed to put it all back on, but one set skill, not 1500 at ql 200 stuff, something like 200 ME, or WS.
    its sould include components to, like a kit that can be made with one uniq item, again low skills
    just my thoughts...
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    Uh... not the right idea there. It should just be somthing you apply like the Tatoo....

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