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Thread: Reload weapon hotkey...

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    Exclamation Suggestions for a better (virtual) life...

    1. I want a weapon reload hotkey, opening the equip screen all the time is getting on my nerves.

    2. Make the world map auto-center on your current location/mission site, everytime you bring it up (User definable)

    3. Make backpacks list at least 3x3 slots like the inventory, preferably the whole content at the same time. (Backpack windows could be a different color from the main inventory window)

    4. Add a tab to the 'Nano program' menu, where you can put obsolete nano programs, like all versions of TMS you don't use anymore, or Proficency nanos. (Then maybe people would actually start use proficency/augmentation)

    5. Allow you to place out at least 1 waypoint on world map, which would show as a red or green line marker on the compass.

    6. If possible, display coords on the world map when the mouse moves around in that window.

    7. In the small but rather unused status bar at the bottom of your screen (Where money, compass and so is located) add a dynamic coord display. It's a bloody pain to press F9 to see if you're moving in the right direction, are close to where you're heading, or try to chat at the same time because coords replies clutter up your screen.

    8. Make implants shopable up to ql 200, and you got a new money sink for the lazy buggers like me.

    9. And while we're at it, do the same to Treatment Labs/Nano Chargers/Free Movement/First Aid/Virus Scanner Kits... not all of us got the reqs for a 1k board at lvl 86 (= lives inside mission buildings, and yes I know one who does which means that we run out of that sort of items... especially after you exchanged all nano chargers with coffee blocks in chests.

    10. Fix all the bugs before you add anything else please.
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    Thumbs up BUMP!!!!

    I dig all of your ideas!!!! All in favor!?? "I"

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    Thumbs up My Goodness

    BUMP again!!! Lets get this stuff rolling!!

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    All of it has already been suggested.. I think they are working on the reload button, but I wouldnt expect to see it soon.. maybe the next 5 months?

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