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Thread: another 250 rebuild :)

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    another 250 rebuild :)

    after another very good battle at the DSA base in PW i would like to say that this one was the best so far in my opinion.

    we all (clanners and omni) managed to get some laughs and succeses.

    of cause we visited the reclaims a 1000 times but we had a ton of fun this evening.

    for me personally i visited the reclaim a 2000 times ....

    maybe i was to brave
    you owned me bad a few times

    of course we gonna rebuild tomorrow to give us another outstanding battle and i will try to pick out a few to take revenge

    cya at the battlefield

    ps.: who the hell cares for yalma paint?
    i wanna get a paint for my own,personal reclaim!!!

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    Hehe, SF decided to take the night off after our three consecutive raids. Sorry we had to miss out on this one.

    I admire your resolve in holding that territory... best of luck in the next wave.
    Kennan - President, Arcane Legacy
    Asmoran - Retired (Former President, Synergy Factor)

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    I agree, I have been at many, quite successfull battles since NW were released. We have certainly not won them all, but we have won some, lost others, which only proves that the system works.

    What currently frustrates me about AO is the CC, which IMHO, does not work, and black doors in missions (which "we have now fixed black doors in missions") -- during the last 4 missions I had to relog 3 times due to black doors, I would say the problem is worse than ever.

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