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Thread: Put ops with wompas in DAV

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    Put ops with wompas in DAV


    Why not put omni and clan wompas and ops in DAV, near the medusas.

    Takes far too long to get a team out there to hunt, and when someone dies it means waiting ages for them to come back. I don't see any use in having an enormous game world if nobody ever uses it. Darned shame if you ask me.
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    Join a guild
    Kill a base
    Build a controller


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    take an Engi out there, team beacon warp.


    Team with a lvl 100+ Fixer


    kill somthing else

    lazy bonez ;p
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    You misunderstand. I can get out there, and often do on my travels around the world. That's a different thing from getting a team of 6 there to hunt, and regrouping after someone dies.

    But I'm sooooo bored with gaining xp in broken shores missions. There are things worth killing in DAV, but its such a bother getting a team there nobody does.

    I got a team together to hunt medusas the other day, we went out, killed a few, two of us died. Twenty minutes to regroup. Three of us died. So long to regroup the party split and everyone agreed that hunting medusas was a waste of time.

    There were no fixers who wanted to come (its hard to get a team to go anywhere apart from BS), no engies around at all, and only one of us had a base out in DAV.

    If there were OPs we, the players, could actually use that space to hunt rather than having to do BS missions all the time.

    Whinge over, but missions are just killing my enjoyment of this game.
    "When you tread the path of the demon make sure you follow it to the end."

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