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Thread: A theory about crowd control.

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    Talking A theory about crowd control.

    I suspect this is actually a diabolical plan by TheDeacon, and that FC is just acting as a smokescreen to divert attention away from him.

    All this running from warp points to towers, only to be warped back to square one again, will no doubt make peoples feet VERY tender and succulent. day, probably when you least expect it, he'll jump out from behind a tree and feast on your pedes.

    Watch your backs your backs...
    Depeche Ztatik Mode

    Originally posted by Cz The money you would spend on a sports car have been spent on your AO account(s). I have invested them in a sports car for myself. I'll let you drool over a picture of it someday.

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    Actually i'm the one pulling all the strings. I'm always watching TheDeacon from afar. Just when he begins to suck on a little lass's toe, *kablam!* I'll hit him on the back of the head with my banjo. Then i'll drag his lifeless corpse to my comfy apartment [if you like dank dungeons, that is], and wait for the reclaim booth to return his vital forces. Then, i can poke him with pointy gogfle prods, making him do silly monkeys tricks at my leisure.

    Of course in retrospect, i probably shouldn't have released my vile plan to the public. Hope TheDeacon doesnt see this....

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    And if he does then we can tie him to a chair and tickle him randomly!!!

    muhaha evil pure evil!

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