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Thread: QUITTING thx guys

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    QUITTING thx guys

    No more sob storys, just gonna quit,
    thx tara and peeps

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    good luck in another game or rl arson (whatever you chose)
    was nice knowing you.

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    Take care Arsonex and best of luck with wherever you decide to go

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    later bro

    Ahh man been fun, maybe ill see you on that CS server sometime or somethin when i decide to try and camp van horn again. hehe


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    later arson, never knew you, but still, your leaving

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    jet another lvl 200 Quits... take the hint FC! make the game more interesting! or alot more will follow

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    Laterz Arso
    Soldier Equip

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    :-( latta Ars take care and hope u do well in whatever game u choose to go to next:-) nice know u bro.

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    Sorry to see you go Arso, nice playing with you.

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    will miss ya

    Splitfridge// lvl 191 omni doc
    Splitbanana// lvl 110 omni trader -_-
    Spitfridge// lvl 53 enf (yeah he probably killed ur alt)
    Splitanut// lvl 22 mp (watch me solo your base)


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    later Arso... come back sometime yea?
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    bye arso sorry to see you go. been fun dude hope to see you back some day.
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    Bye ars
    cya on an other game
    Hammerkill lvl 200
    Omni where are you?
    Ahhh here you are!
    I wish I would be in your rank...
    Can I come?

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    sorry to hear this Arson, but I hope you do well in whatever you plan to be doing. Best of luck to you and hope you come back to say hi to your buds sometime. Take care bro
    Originally posted by Knasbollen


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