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Thread: How to Reproduce Yalm unequip bug.

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    How to Reproduce Yalm unequip bug.

    Must be fixer with ability to grid yourself, must have Yalm and Yatamutchy Movement Predictor (which you can equip).

    While you in Yalm, zone into mission or shop, right-click Yatamutchy Movement Predictor (YMP) to unequip Yalm. Cast your grid evac nano, exit grid and right click Yalm to equip it. It's all. Now you can't unequip Yalm without zoning.

    How to cure: With Yalm in your pack (affected by that bug you will be in fly mode still), zone (whompah or zone border), equip Yalm, zone back. Now all must work as FC intended

    P. S. Probably you can Reproduce that bug even if you arn't fixer, but in team with fixer which will cast Group grid evac.

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    its easier than that

    Heck, Im an enf. I get in my yalm, fly around, zone a few times, then attempt to get out of my yalm and poof: yalm bug.

    You are in your yalm but its in your inventory. gaaahh

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    Yes, this especially sux when yoy fly a raid or a tower war, and you are stuck in your yalm and there are no nearby zones.. relogging doesn;t help last time i tried :\

    "We will look into it"


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    Talking more clues:

    Could it be that having a nano cast during the yalm unequip will cause the bug?
    I noticed that I often play with a doc and i often have a HoT running. Last night was the case and the HoT did its thing during my unyalming (is that a word?). And I got the bug.

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    I noticed that you can resolve the bug this way:
    wait until you actually drop from the server (about 60 seconds)

    if you /quit and relog before you drop, you will still be in the yalm

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