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Thread: events near grids/whompas

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    Unhappy events near grids/whompas

    Im not sure what the reaction to this will be....

    before the cyborg attack on Tir there was a meeting called right outside grid access in Tir. now you know what lag you can get when you grid to a populated area... well it was *packed* there. many people trying to grid in crashed out and were unable to get back in until the meeting was over and people and gone.

    I dont know... but... would it be possible for organisers to keep events, not in obscure places, but a little bit away from general traffic that may not want to be there? oh go on

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    I think this request is pretty reasonable. I know, for instance, people who do services (nano-programmers) and other players who sell items like to set up shop right next to the whompas for customer convenience, but doing so is really hard on players who are just ‘passing through’. People also like to use them as a place to rendezvous with friends, which causes the same problems. Many of us usually have to log for memory after passing through several grid/whompa points.. not because we’re loading various cities, but because of the crowds of people that loiter around the grid or whompa area.

    I know most people probably aren’t consciously aware of this problem and thus aren’t contributing to it intentionally. The important question is.. will you continue to do it intentionally now that you’re aware of the frustration it can cause others? I guess that boils down to what kind of people we have in our community.

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    I like the idea of keeping things a little away from the crowded areas.

    The problem I find though is that people just don't understand what you're talking about, and in the end they *ask you* to come to one of these crowded areas.

    When I used to do comp lit buffs with my trader I tried getting a little bit away from the whompas, so I used this description of my location -

    "In the garden south east of the Athens whompas sitting on a rock."

    If you know Athens well you'll know that's just a bit away from the whompas, but not so close that you're in the crowd. A good spot I thought, and while a bunch of people do know where you're talking about - way too many people just don't get it. Then they do 1 of 2 things - they *tell you* to come to the whompa, or they find someone else to do their buff etc. so you lose business.

    In the end I went to the Avalon whompa instead, which most people could find (and is still better than the nightmare spot which is the tree near the newland whompa) but even then people use to tell me to come to the tree cause they couldn't find me.

    Has anybody not heard of using Ctrl+Tab?? Go to the person's area... click Ctrl+Tab until you find the person you're looking for - hit /follow.

    So...the million dollar question - how do we educate people so they know how to get to these not-so-obvious places? Or, how do we find a new place to do business that's convenient but unobtrusive? Same goes for events - hold it at the Tir grid and everyone knows how to get there - so they'll go and it's close to transport, but hold it at say... the Council of Truth building in Tir - and see how many people show up. A big landmark... but I bet you'd only get 50% of the ppl that went to the grid. *sigh*
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    Red face Events for all

    Where events of the public/organazation are concerned in or out of the game.
    One of two problems arise. Overpopulation or lag. The solution in the real
    world is T.V and radio. Example: We see our world leaders on T.V frequently.
    Talk shows that we can call into, etc.

    Possible solution: In the world of Rubi-Ka in most of the cities I see alot of
    static areas designed for public gathering. These areas are usually empty.
    These areas vary in size but there are alot of these areas that can be used.
    Use these areas for that reason. We should see Vid screens in the bars to
    inform us of worldly events. There are non-working monitors all over the planet,
    lets use them for news and T.V.!

    Communication Technology:
    The Primary unit(one piece) consists of video monitor(big screen), Video Camera,
    audio speakers, microphone, transmitting and receiving. Shift-Right click makes
    a terminal unit that is roughly the same as the primary unit. These terminal units
    will need to be transported to the annexed locations for the event. As many
    terminals can be made as are needed.
    Once the appropriate amount of terminals are made and relocated, the person
    in possession of the Primary unit right clicks on the primary unit and all units turn on.
    The Primary unit possessor and the terminal operators highlights the person who
    is to be shown and heard by the viewers. This means that between the Primary
    unit possessor and the terminal unit possessor some communication between them
    is needed thru the use of /tells. This is roughly how it works in the real world.
    When the event is over the Primary unit possessor right clicks again and shuts
    the system down. At that point all terminals created dissappear. This leaves the
    Primary around for later use.

    I don't see this being any more difficult to use than any trade skill item to make. If we are
    to be a part of the story line then I think we need something to inform us of the events that
    works with the storyline. So many times I find out the news as just that, News = Historical
    events. Then its to late to participate. Cyborg assassination? Would have loved to have
    been there. But I don't find out till I'm sipping coffee the day after.
    This leaves me with hunting and missions. I want the roleplaying aspect of the game but, I
    never seem to be in the right place at the right time for speaches and debates. I see the posts
    on the boards about events or speaches but the boards are so huge that getting thru all
    the posts for a specific day is impossible. And read them all? .... not me I'll be in the virtual
    tryng to live it as much as I can without in-game news media's.

    Well enough of my banter..... What do you think?

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