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Thread: A Level 200 Agent offering her skills.

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    A Level 200 Agent offering her skills.

    Due to the length of this list, I have tried to make it look smaller and more easy to overview. Please, take note that I live in the GMT zone so if I am not online, do not hesitate to leave a PM on the forum so we can work out some arrangement. Any "junkmail" will get you ignored, likewise goes for "junktells" ingame.

    Thank you.

    • Feline Grace (+25 Agility)
    • Enhanced Sense (+15 Sense)
    • Weapon buffs:
      -Sniper's Bliss (+50 Rifle & +15 Aimed shot)
      -Unexpected Attack (+120 Rifle & +30 Sneak attack)
      -Take the Shot (+130 Aimed shot)
    • Chemical Concoction (+50 Pharmacy & +50 Chemistry)

    • Philosopher's Stone (+62 Pharmacy & +62 Chemistry)
      ¤note¤ Philosopher's Stone does not stack with Chemical Concoction.
    • Weapon buffs:
      -Extreme Prejudice (+120 Pistol & +120 Grenade)

    • Riot Control (+110 burst)
    • Weapon buffs:
      -Pistol Mastery (+40 Pistol)
      -Assault Rifle Mastery (+60 Assault Rifle)
      -Rifle Mastery (+50 Rifle)
      ¤note¤ Rifle Mastery does not stack with Sniper's Bliss.
      -Ranged Energy (+70 Ranged Energy)

    Meta Physicist buffs:
    • Masteries (+50 to desired nano skill)
    • Infuses (+90 to desired nano skill)
    • Mochams (+140 to desired nano skill)
    • Advanced Symbol Manipulation (+92 Nano prog.)

    • Superior First Aid (+80 Treatment)
    • Iron Circle (+20 Str & +20 Sta)

    • Prodigious Strength (+40 Str)
    • Essences (from +14 Str & +14 Sta to +27 Str & +27 Sta)

    • Wrangles up to 132!
    • Tradeskill buffs to Maestro (+125)
      -Field Quantum Physics
      -Pharma Tech.
      -Mechanical Engineering
      -Electrical Engineering
      -Weapon Smithing
      670 Pharma Tech (base, nonimplanted)
    • Qualified Adv. Restoration Kits and Emergency Treatment Labs-maker
    • Will convert your monster parts free of charge!
    • Capable to get PT to 1084 for implants that requires Pharmacy.
      878 Nano Programming (base, nonimplanted)
    • Capable to get Nano Programming to 1200 for your needs!
    • 1000 credits per QL of the implant.


    For Advanced Restoration Stims. Please use this page to determine what QL is the most suitable for your First Aid-skill. And for Emergency Treatment Labs consult this page for the proper QL corresponding to your Treatment-skill. Lastly, I will not buy the parts for you. You will have to shop the necessary parts and, lastly, I will not take any responsibility for any miscalculations by you.

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    mmmm I might just take you up on the Engie EP buff....

    I'll give you a /tell

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    "Intrauterine" Device - Current Setup - 220 Shade

    Haminie - Slightly less than twice as uber as Chanelle

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    [Destromane]: just a horrible person

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