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Thread: question about reinbursement..

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    question about reinbursement..

    The "lost items" reinbursement thing is very good news - I've had no cause to try it yet, but will I'm sure..

    But - can/will you be able to recover things from people who've run off with your stuff? There are very few nasty people in game, but I've met a few, and things like GA/NS discs etc can go missing on occassion, as can twink gear. Whats the policy here?
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    I would be extremely surprised if they are included in this policy.
    Yes it's a risk handing over things to people in this game, but it's a risk you have to decide to take.
    Also as all names are unique it wouldn't take long for characters to get a bad reputation, they will soon find themselves frozen out of the game.

    Awaiting the official answer, but as I said above, I doubt it.

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