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Thread: "used" vehicle store? :\

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    "used" vehicle store? :\

    I was running through a mission today, and I ran into a ql 190 OT Gunship in a chest. It bugged me because it could have been something I could have used, being that I'm a clanner and it was already a rare find for a chest. Ofcourse, vehicles are NODROP...
    But wouldn't it be neat to have a store where you could "trade in" your unused, opposite-side-of-the-conflict vehicles for other ones of less value(to avoid constant swapping)?

    Maybe I'm just complaining about something little, but I still think it's a neat idea...

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    This idea has been around forever. And it is still a good one

    Used vehicles would be welcome to newer players...I have a bag with a few kodiaks and mids from the time when vehicles popped up frequently in chests...

    And now many are working on getting the new yalms...which would mean that quite a few "old" ones could have been for sale.

    We want to trade vehicles !

    I think that the NODROP tag is there to protect it from being lost. If a player wishes to trade it he could remove that tag, making an "unmarked" yalm like this :

    Then it could be resold, then registered by the new owner...
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