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Thread: Why arent there any gay clubs on Rubika..

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    No gay people because of genetic engineering? No way... unless Jerry Falwell and Laura Schlessinger run all the future gene banks.

    Planet Falwell.... and the Schlessinger System... they might be 100% uptight busy-bodies, but I'm sure you can't impose that sort of thing on a whole galaxy. =P
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    You know, I got to thinking about this one, and it seems to me that maybe this future population doesn't divide themselves up under titles like "straight" and "gay". More like the old Greek or Roman... or hell... some of the old Japanese outlook.

    That is to say that there is just "sexuality", and it encompasses alot of different and widely varying behaviors.

    In other words, they don't care what anybody does with their own body parts. So... no "gay" clubs, because the word "gay" doesn't have any more meaning than "prefers tall people".

    There you go. My own cheesy and su****iously convenient explanation.

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    Have to go with the earlier comment here that AO is a roleplaying game which is made or broken by PCs not NPCs. There are plenty of bars etc around which are usually mostly empty and find enough like minded PCs to go with you and the venue can be whatever you choose it to be (well within certain limits - Im sure there's some things Funcom wouldnt approve of).

    I do in one sense like the idea posted above that society has evolved to point where that the whole sexuality thing isnt an issue - but this is a role playing game made by its players and I doubt very much that's going to make it that way in game!!!

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    Originally posted by Centurion3
    oh and make the gay clubs 0% gas. please?

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    I sort of though Baboon's WAS a gay club.
    I thought fer sure Rompa Bar Was a gay club...

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    Bluecat, that's a very insightfull prediction of the future of human views on sexuality IMO.

    And Warlock:
    "In the future, there are no homosexuals due to genetic engineering"
    You supression something there?
    I'd certaintly not hope thats what the future holds for humankind. What you just said borders on the "Übermench" theory... don't go there!

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    it doesnt get anymore gay than you make it yourself.
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    Originally posted by Japella

    I thought fer sure Rompa Bar Was a gay club...
    Good point...with a name like that its a much better candidate.

    For the record. I overall disapprove of the word "gay" as a universal insult as many people seem to use it, and I don't post here to make fun of gay people, I just genuinely dont see why there should not be such clubs at RK

    But its only a matter of making a club your own eh ?
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    Seems the original poster of this thread has been banned. hmm..

    Well anyway I think this call for a gay bar on Rubi-ka is probably because of an inability to distiguish between gay and straight players in game. The gaydar doesn't work well on Rubi-ka, and just like in real life, wrong assumptions can mean embarassment and ridicule.
    Maybe this will help-
    For those of you who want to want to communicate with RL Anarchy Online players who identify themselves as gay/lesbian/bisexual, there is a Yahoo email group:

    that might help you out.


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    Originally posted by Blue Cat
    And just between you and me, I get a litttle "vibe" from Alvin Odeleer as well, if you catch my drift.
    I think Alvin is cute. o.O
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    Naw, Milo is where its at.


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