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Thread: Funcom should give Neutral a TOKENS BOARD

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    mr wise, neuts do get attacked by guards, not all, but quite a few.

    Also, neuts get tokens off dead bodies/ot or clan quests (dodga/alvin) but there is no way for neuts to use the tokens, they just get deleted, neuts cant trade them, or keep them incase one day neuts can use them (they are unique) so neuts get these dropped but get nothing from them.

    Neuts need something more, the neck items that are usable do not give comp lit which makes it very hard to place towers. i still think that the xp bonus from towers should be a ratio of either the amount of guilds or total population active. The xp bonus for clan and ot is way too large and clan/ot also get xp bonus from token board.

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    To MrWise

    Yes Neutral do get attacked.. but by Mob´s not guards in the first place.. but if say an Ot mob aggro on you and there is an Ot gurad i the vicinity that guard wil aggro on you as well .

    When it comes to clan it´s the same.. in all aspects but TIr where Neutrals are shoot on sight .. and considers Enemy ..

    Clan/Ot get tokenas as mission reward from their fraction .. neutrals have no organised fraction .. ( infra structure ) and therefor we have no Token boards.. we have no ultimate goal as a united neutral front .. and that is pretty mutch the basic concept of neutral.. ( the sence of toekaen boards ) the bonus side and the down side is one and the same..

    The neutral life is Hard . wery Hard but also wery nice.. there is a strong unity among neutrals and a deep respect for high lvl neutrals.. On that makes the Neutral way wery fun to play ..

    Not saying thet there is no unity in onter fractions because there is . and also respect for any high lvl player ..
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    Yah! team mission bugs were fixed!

    but, we still need, ot/clan shopping and teaming channels from everywhere.

    Get neuts off the tab button in teams

    Give us some advantage/help w/ comp lit for planting towers/more xp bonus

    don't let this thread die!!

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    Look Mom, ALL CAPS!

    pirates. with lasers.
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    I could care less about a token board.

    But give us Neuts a frickin' OOC channel!!

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    Being a neutral is probably playing AO on a slightly tougher difficulty setting (?), but this is no justification for a token board, IMO. You want medals for valor in battle? Join a side in the conflict.

    Fixing teaming issues would be a greater help to the Neutral community, I think
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    No token boards. Never.

    But its not right that Neutrals get aggro'd by either of the warring factions.

    With the Neutral community being as small as it is I would say an OOC channel isn't really worth the effort, it doesn't take long to get an invite to a Neut guild.

    Now on the subject of shopping channels. Wouldn't it be better to have shopping channels based on the city your in NOT your level or faction? Since everyone spams the clan 1-50 channel with ql 200 stuff in case theres a twink out there?

    Would make ICC a popular local don't you think?
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    Okay, think about it OOC... I thought long and hard about going neutral with some of my characters for this very very simple reason... I have friends on both sides, and it would basically be the only way I'd get the chance to team with all of them, and of course being able to go nearly everywhere without contest, that's another high point.

    However, when presented with all of the neutral issues, I decided it wouldn't be the best thing. The lack of shopping and team channels is ridiculous, the teaming issues are ridiculous, etc.

    Neutrals have some major problems.

    Now, when I was in school my teachers used to say "don't ask to do extra credit before you've finished the regularly assigned work." And equate this to FC giving neutrals "love" before they've fixed their more invasive problems.

    Not having a token board doesn't prevent you from very much, except maybe placing the highest towers, sigh

    So consider that FC fixed EVERYTHING -

    1) Not be attacked by guards/be able to travel freely
    2) Get clan and ot shopping channels
    5) The bugs w/ teaming with neuts should be fixed.
    6) When in teams neuts should not be tabbable
    7) neuts should get ot and clan teaming channels also
    And then they added a neutral token board.

    *cough* overpowered *cough* Where's the reason to not choose neutral? huh? I can't find it.
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    everyone realizes that even neutrals dont want a token board exactly. Most say no token board. But everyone wants all of the bugs with neutrals fixed. Once those are fixed possible make a neck item for everyone that is decent. Right now, most are wearing the bow tie. it gives 100 to life and nano, the highest tokenboard gives 950? then also xp bonus, also comp lit, also damage, and some other stuff. Fix all the bugs now though, maybe a little love later.

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