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Thread: Props for reimbursement

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    Props for reimbursement

    Not sure where else to post this, but I'm a whiner just like a lot of people here, and I think it's apporpriate to make sure to comment on the positive too.
    I have yet to test it out (when I lose an item or xp due to a bug you can bet I will!), but I'm very pleased to read that the reimbursement tool is done, and thank you funcom for finally coming out with this!

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    prop's funcom

    yeah is cool funcom made that dept. even thou i haven't had done a very long time it's cool it's out so plp have to make an alt
    due to a bug like iincase any was wondering i lagg crash and when i came back on all my imp's where ether missing or where
    taken out plus all my stat's where crazy

    hmm btw can you petitshion for a full ip reset ?

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    ok reimbursement tool is done. Where can i read about it. As in what cases might it apply. As in there is a particular nasty situation i find myself in as my main is a MP, ie pet prof.

    If a mob goes into a room other then which it spawns, or chest rat also applies, it CAN kill the player in ONE hit.

    WARNING RANT FOLLOWS so feel free to skip the rest of the post:

    I have been told it sounds like lag or synch error. umm Example of the first THREE times this happened to me, all by chest rats. Oh this only started occuring after chest rats auto aggroed. Chest rat appears, i get hit once but does double damage (ever since i started playing AO chest rats have ALWAYS done double damage, cant comment on before as i wasnt playing) and DIED. there wasnt any time for lag or synch error as i died almost IMMEDIATELY after chest rat spawns. Oh and because of chest bombs i always heal to at least 94 or so % max health before opening a chest.

    It has happened to me with regular mobs also but only if they move into a different room then in which they spawn. Of course me being a MP i dont enter the room in which the mob i am targeting spawns, unless i need to for start room or to get LOS to target it, as that would mean i would die to the damage dealt from the mob.

    Yes at lvl 139 i am STILL uber in PvM,at least solo. I can solo QL209 missions without dieing. But in teams i am a gimp as its impossible for my pets to keep up with the team. On the other hand my Demon sure does hold boss aggro, more often then not, while the rest of the team slaughters the minions.

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    If they can reimberse due to hardcore things like, mission crashes, everyone logs back in with mobs respawned, and ends up killing entire team... Or bank bugs completely destroying items, I think thats at least progress. With all the nerfs that they are doing, and bad bad design decisions like level requirements that are clearly backwards progress, this is a refreshing change.
    Start problem complaints in new threads, I wanted this to be my thank-you thread in a sea of complaints, not a thank-you with a complaint attached in a sea of complaints.

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    Sorry Ratty i was kinda explaining why i wanted to know more about the reimbursement.

    I am glad to hear they will/might, dunno hence that is why i asked, reimburse XP lost due to mission server crashing and reseting then when the player logs back in most likely dieing when they log back in.

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    Just remember to petition quick, they dont seem to keep logs around long. I havent had a mission crash, or lost an item in a really long time, when I do, I'll be petitioning and expecting them to refund the lost items or xp.
    If you just LD and die, well thats so easy to fake its not even funny so I wouldnt expect them to refund cause of that, but if the mission or zone crashes and I die upon logging in, or the bank eats one of my items, i'll be petitioning.

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