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Thread: CZ How do i uninstall NW ?

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    CZ How do i uninstall NW ?

    I dont want to i think it will be a good addition to a game, but it has caused such bad graphics glitches that i cant play the game anymore, so i must uninstall just so i can continue to play the game, plz give me some help thx.

    Bye the way i am using the kyro 2 64 meg card, yes i know its crap.

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    I had the same happen to me.

    I think it's related to the stuff in the patch notes, where they say they've fixed rendering on Kyro cards. What they really did was they messed up something that was actually working.

    Like in:
    * my Kyro works
    * Funcom fixes something for the Kyro
    * my Kyro shows lots of funky graphics.

    To fix this, I did the exact opposite of what they wrote I could do, I put my ground rendering bar to minimum (f10->visuals). This fixed the annoying glitches.

    Hope it helps you as well

    - schma

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