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Thread: One *simple* step to greatly reduce your lag in Broken Shores

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    One *simple* step to greatly reduce your lag in Broken Shores

    I don't know why it works, but it does. turn all of your options for Audio to off before you zone in. It makes an immeasurable amount of difference, it's one small action with huge results.

    I figured this out testing various things as I had a problem with 15 minute zone times into home.

    (& of course, there's also the obvious stuff to ease lag : restarting, turning settings down very low - before you zone in)

    edit - this works other places too, anywhere you find laggy. Just I only use it for bs/tir grid
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    they should just blow up BS

    maybe have a battle cruiser smash into it, oh and while they are at it they should have the crater around the pyramid come tumbling down too, I have wanted to get close to that damn thing for a LONG time.

    maybe they are saving it for the people willing to pay for the game for 4 years lol
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    I don't have more lag in BS than I have running to the ent mission terms/the bb.

    However, I agree. Add a special dungeon in the pyramid. That would rock

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    this much.

    fun fun fun!

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    You could actually get TO the pyramid before. Just had to fly about 3 miles up in your yalm and you could go over that invisible wall. Wasn't worth anything except SS ops and bragging rights to friends who didn't know how to do it, but it could be done.

    But now they've limited flying height...
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    What the hell is in that pyramid anyway?? Ive wondered for months now.
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