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Thread: If you're still looking for NW in stores, try this...

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    If you're still looking for NW in stores, try this...

    If you can't order online, and you're still looking for a copy of Notum Wars in a store, try calling a Babbages store if you have one in your area (the same people who run

    It seems that Babbages/Gamestop are the ONLY company in the Atlanta area who have received any shipments of Notum Wars (or have even heard of it) and they may be the only company who got it in your area too!

    You can check their website at or, search for Notum Wars, then check the store availability.

    One warning though, I was told they will not reserve a copy for you if you call the store, so if they have it when you call, go get it.

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    Thanks for posting the thing about Gamestop. You just saved me a ton of calling around to find a store in my area to get my husband's copy. I have one and he doesn't. Now he too can hear the funny voices
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