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Thread: NW in Canada!

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    NW in Canada!

    If anyone is looking for NW in Toronto, EB Games at the Eaton Centre has a handful, at this very moment.

    Just picked up my copy

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    Thanks Alamexis, I am leaving the office to pick up a copy right now!
    Mitchell "Beria" Sosnowski
    Omni-Tek Bureaucrat

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    Got the last copy at that location literally 15 seconds before another guy who was looking for Notum Wars as well.
    Mitchell "Beria" Sosnowski
    Omni-Tek Bureaucrat

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    Sweet. I've been pestering those guys since Friday of last week!

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    I got my copy yesterday at EB in Markville... it was a bit of a drive, but hey! When I left there were 2 copies left.. go! RUN!!!

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    EB at Promenade Mall received 2 copies on Monday. I went there at noon on Monday and got 1, and my friend got the other in the evening.
    Compucentre at Promenade never heard of it.
    EB at Centrepoint on Monday said they had it, but couldn't find it.
    Rather inconsistent distribution. It all depends on the clerk you meet, and whether he knows what he's doing.

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    Toronto is not all of Canada, There are large areas where other people live, you probably consider them the wasted icefilled hinterlands, such as guelf, vancouver and Halifax

    Anyway, for the rest of us who dont live in the worst part of Canada,

    NW has been spotted at the EB in Carlingwood and Rideau Centre in Ottawa.

    PLEASE, give use a simple YES or no answer as to whether or not the CoH chests can be opened

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    Actually, my original intention with this thread was for ALL of Canada to post. It just happened to be taken over by us Toronto people.

    I've been to 8 out of the 10 provinces, and have lived in 3 of them.

    And btw, for those people in Calgary, NW is apparently at EB in Southcentre mall (this was yesterday).

    I don't know how things look in your neck of the woods, but Toronto is an icefilled hinterland right now

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    Comparison between toronto and Omni cities

    Dark and gloomy
    a tall tower that blocks out the sun
    police that shoot on site
    a completely rude and arrogent population
    overbearing signs that say things like "no running"
    derelict subway system
    not enough banks where you need them
    bad billboards
    quantity over quality
    backyards filled with rodents
    a few good bars
    takes forever to zone in and out of areas
    limited number of eateries
    few places to get a job
    people hanging around on corners forever
    cute parks as a bandage
    unimagintive architecture (rome excluded)
    the administration believe they own the rest of the world
    more attention paid on cars than pedestrian traffic, though most traffic is pedestrian
    Mel Lastman

    oh yes...
    ... An arena where only on the exceptional rare occurence does something good happen, where the players love to beat up other people, and surrounded by brain dead fans.
    PLEASE, give use a simple YES or no answer as to whether or not the CoH chests can be opened

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    Re: Comparison between toronto and Omni cities

    Originally posted by Animosity
    Mel Lastman
    /me hangs his head in shame

    Not much I can say that will justify that travesty

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    I picked mine up in the EB in Orchard Park mall Kelowna monday... Be suprized if it not in rest of country by now.

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