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Thread: PvP rankings on website

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    Um, no way... Simply because it's a waste of the programmers'/webmasters' time.

    All that will happen is people will grab a friend, and then they'll just kill each other over and over just to get to the top of the list. This WILL happen and it renders the ranking system useless.

    It's way too easy to be lame in PvP (not really FC's fault. There's not much they can do about it), so this would just be dumb. Spend some time on something that a majority of people want you to do (such as, ANYTHING ELSE **IN-GAME**. NEWSFLASH: WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THE WEBSITE), not something that people are split on.

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    i dont pvp anymore but i used to and i was very good at on my fixer believe it or not...and the only to compete isto be buffed and twinked really well and everyone know this just likein real life in order to win anything u need to train very well and have the beat stuff to win ........... u dont see anyone in nasca using geo metros to race or yugos do u ...... if u going to try to kill some one unprepared it the same as bringing a knife to a gun fight ...u know the script gonna go to war put on the bullet proof vest get the 30/30 teflon tipsand ride a die cant be a poodle and try to hang with the pitbulls u just get eaten so if u care about pvp take time to buff equip and soforth u dont need 20 mill credits to do sojust savestufffrom your higher lev chars for your lower lev chars and plan ahead its the same as training

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    I'd like to see the list of highest ranked pvp'ers, just because it would be some interesting information. I'll bet most of the high ranking players will come from only a couple professions, while some professions won't make it onto the list at all.

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    Angry Don't make a ranking...

    This will encourage the twinks and gankers to become ever worse.

    Don't.... Please don't. Then I probably will never enter a 0%,25% or arena again. It is bad enough as it is.
    Atrocious - taking ugly to the next level.

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    Plasmatiq - Solitus Soldier

    Plus countless other alts I play with once in a while.

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    Thumbs up

    This is a good idea. Anything that can bring more attention and interest back into AO pvp'ing, is a great thing. PVP is all but dead on RK2.

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    Exclamation Cosmik, an idea!!!

    This information has to be stored in the database already, so this shouldn't be difficult to add to the already existing people of Rubi-Ka page.

    I would also like to have some way of finding my information in game, but adding it to the people page would help.

    I would like to have an idea of how far I am from getting the next title (though I have only won a few more than I have lost), and my total number of kills/deaths.

    From the people page make a link to the ranking page so people could see where they are in the scheme of things, as well as seeing the overall rankings.


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    I vote Yes. Too bad it will breed griefing even worse though. I still say they need more PvP areas other than 2ho and EFP now, but thats another thread

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    Great Cosmik, If you guys can implement it now, do it.

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    I think its a lame idea! You (all lame people working at Funcom) always telling us how much work you have, thats why it takes time to fix all bugs and fix class balance. Why not try and fix bugs first, eh?

    I saw the info for the next patch (13.6), its a joke... alot of the changes sounds like a few hours work, changes in the db. I mean stuff like change to proper icons, feedbacks, description and like that.. hell, its just some text that need to be changed! Why cant you just fix more important bugs, ooops I forgot, you are too incompetent, guess you need a few more years before you get the story ingame, but when its finaly in there, the story has ended...

    So, stop playing UO and start working!

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    repost (from another thread on same subject)

    great. another excuse for griefing.

    "cant lose my title.. "
    "have to get back my title.."
    "have to get to the top of the uber-ganker list.."

    fighting from shop zone doors..
    PKing people 50 levels lower than you..
    grid-camping.. whompa-camping..
    (grace period hasnt totally ended this)
    titles only encourage the worst behaviour.

    right now there are level 150,160,170 clanners
    who are camping the aces camp where the
    level100ish omnis are trying to earn XP.
    they've been there every night for a week.
    they log in, kill a dozen players, cost them all
    a million or two XP and hours of work, and then log off. .
    only to log back in an hour later and do it again.
    they are title farming.

    i've seen people with novice/apprentice titles
    refuse arena challenges because they dont
    want to lose the title they earned 30 levels ago . .
    (probably from paying people to lose to them)

    i'd like the title system removed completely.

    then it doesnt matter if you die.
    no need to run in and out of shops.
    PvP for RP and fun and not some lame title.

    do you think grid-camping was fun even for the guys doing it?
    i doubt it. they were title-farming.

    is there really any challenge to level 150+ players
    logging on, insta-killing a few dozen low level players,
    then logging off in the same spot only to come back
    and do it again after those players have earned back some XP?
    no. it's 'shooting fish in a barrel'. again, title-farming.

    now this guy suggests a website where the griefers
    will be rewarded for this kind of behaviour with recognition?

    I dont want to supress PvP. PvP is cool.
    but the motivation and consequnces of a 'title/ranking' system
    just doesnt seem to take basic human nature into consideration
    and its effect on the overall PvP environment and what kind of
    PvP it is encouraging. Perhaps this will change when FC gives
    us more reasons / more places to PvP . . but i think those who
    want the world to think they're uber will still be standing in the
    shop doors, exploiting grace periods, and generally griefing.

    besides, if you want to go around PKing,
    why would you want to tip off other players with your title?
    doesnt the element of surprise / opponent not knowing the odds
    mean anything ?

    I love PvP and fully support it.
    I support capturing and holding territory.
    I support more ways in which the geography
    can force players to come into conflict with
    eachother. I wish there were no yalmahas
    in game so that we werent all safe from eachother
    while traveling along the roads and thru the wilderness
    to and from missions. I wish there were room for
    highway robbery (taking that item you just missioned for
    that isnt insured yet) in AO. All this stuff would be great.

    what isnt cool is rewarding players for easy kills and exploits.

    another idea:
    instead of removing titles,
    how about you only earn kills toward a title by killing
    a player higher-level than yourself?
    now there is a bit of challenge worthy of recognition.
    and you wouldnt have level 160-180 players
    area-nuking herds of lower level players just for titles.
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    PvP in the field and in the Arena

    I have to agree to the last post. People are now "title-farming" in Ace camp. I am one of those who has been killed there (a lot the last weeks).

    I dont mind getting killed in a warzone, If a lvl 150+ wants to fight in a 25% zone, I`ll fight...and die But ranks for PvP should be Arena only. Otherwise its meaningless.

    To Cosmik: the 150 PvP cap is a damn good idea....

    and a whole litter of bearcubs ...

    "Only the dead have seen the end of war." -- Plato
    "You see me now, a soldier, of a 1000 psychic wars...." -- Blue Oyster Cult

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    Thumbs up Suggestions...

    I think PvP rankings on website would be interesting and add value to the PvP aspect of the game. However to be effective it needs to be coupled to a number of other changes IMHO.

    - Publish PvP ranks and scoring (is there anything above Novice?)

    - Amend the scoring structure of PvP to agressively disadvantage players killing way below there level. For example a 150 would need to kill 50 level 75's or 1 level 150 for same score, killing above levels should earn a bonus as should title kills.

    - Above Rookie, killing non-titled players should have no score benefit, thus no effect on title. So why bother...

    - Reduce Heals to 50% like damage etc.

    - Make MA crit buffs self only, PvP is too crit dependent. It would be a shame to loose the buff from PvM tho (

    As for the 'Griefers' discussion running within this thread - good hunting carries risk, either learn to defend/adapt or find some where new to hunt. Its the same for us all, try hunting in 0% its worse.

    PS - Please dont do a global IP reset, this game needs diversity a reset will remove mistakes and errors and virtually create clones. I did a year of Electronics at school, waste of time but I cant wind back time and unlearn it. Fair enuf allow classes effected by nerfs to recover IP in skills effected, i.e. NT's and pillows, but only if you have been effected by nerf/gameplay change. Not because you used pistols for 10 levels and now you dont.

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    PVP is useless. Ranks don't mean anything, all ranks show is how much you over equipped over the next guy.

    Not every profession can PVP.
    Not every profession can Overequip.

    When all is said and done, you will see that PVP is a god damn waste of time in AO.

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    Will rankings of the same title be put in the order of the closest to get the next title? lol what i mean is

    pretend im an apprentice, and someone else is an apprentice. well, who comes first on the list??

    If i only need like 4 more kills and he needs 8 more kills, will i be first? and he will be second? or will we be listed as "equal" and be organized in alphabetical order?

    Also, i like Snarfs idea, but i'd also like one "main" list of ranks for all professions, and also each profession get their own list of ranks.

    that would be nice!

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    Re: No thanks

    Originally posted by Bauxite
    No need to reward the gridcampers and exploiters who now have some way to attack you before the 15 seconds has gone down past 12 or so...

    Not to mention some people do nothing but sit in 2h0 all day long. God forbid I actually pass through 2h0 on my way to somewhere else. Now not even getting in your yalm before you whompa and setting your slider to full def is enough to get by the godd4mn exploiters, because theres ten of them waiting for you with the new trick of the month.

    Entering 2h0... fps = 3
    15... fps = 5
    14... fps = 5
    Attacked by JackassTwiceYourLevel#1
    13... fps = 5
    You were hit for 900 points of Aimedshot dmg by Jack@ssTwiceYourLevel#2
    You were attacked by nanobots for 828 points of fire dmg
    You were hit for 700 points of melee damage by JTYL#3
    You were hit for 1200 points of flingshot dmg by JTYL#4
    You have died
    12... fps = 10 gee now you have a chance of fighting back, since the client will actually let you press TAB+Q
    pvp grace period over, you are now open to attack
    Your remains are available
    fps = 60, since you're now back at reclaim.

    If it takes 5 seconds away from someone who could be fixing the game, I'm very much against it.

    If its some web person, I'd rather see things like more guild info (leaders, ranks, join dates) and such. And no carrots for these people who have nothing better to do. The sooner they leave the better.
    There is no better way to put this.

    I would very much like to someday be able to pvp without it being over before I can react, and until that time I don't think the gankers should be rewarded anymore than they already are.

    The titles are almost enough to make you dislike someone as it is already. I mean honestly, I see a title on someone the first thought through my mind is I wonder how many people they had to gank at the grid terminal for that?

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    ahh.. your just another stereotype. Im an apprentice, soon a NOVICE.. not sure how many more kills, but i gave up after a while and now im leveling. Not everyone grid camps. Not everyone zone camps. Not everyone is a complete idiot - and with that i also mean a complete no hearted-rude-b!tch.

    When i pvp, i fight with honor. The first time i ever see u, i probably won't hit u once i see you in a 25% area. Ill see how u react, if you test your luck and just wait around cause your thinking "gee this guy is an idiot, im just gonna jump around" then my hammer will meet your face.

    But if your in there for a mission or for any other reason id ask for a duel. and if there response was, "no thanks im on my way for a mission, besides you would probably kill me" i would just walk away.

    - now this goes for the first time i met you. If i've already met u once before, and you keep testing your luck then i would hit u.

    This is what i pvp like, and everyone who knows me, knows i dont grid camp or exploit etc. So don't be marking everyone with a big X saying "you have a title, u grid camp, etc, etc"

    But i do agree with you, there are lots and lots of people who do that. And when you /tell em, their response make you go completely insane, *bashing keyboard* and such.

    This came out to being a novel, but basically not everyone cheats/exploits/or plays cheap to get their titles, and having rankins on the website is something i would like to see. i hope its going to be done!


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    I really liked the idea of redusing title growth to only pvp'ing players of 1 title lower than yourself.
    This will make pvp'ing more like outlaws where if you are a rookie you have to watch out for other rookies more than picking on ppl that dont pvp.

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    LOL Title farming!

    That's a cool new term.

    Damn those pesky TITLE FARMERS! They are camping us where we camp these mobs! What JERKS!

    I think the whole thing is a good idea. It won't encourage more grief killers, that's silly, the same people that grid camp, whompa camp, and get this new one, TITLE FARM, are still going to do exactly the same thing with or without stats.

    I think it would be great to have the stats. Things I'd like to see in it is:

    Top PVP titles sorted by Kill:death ratio
    sorted by profession
    sorted by level
    total # of kills
    total # of deaths
    Highest level kill, lowest level kill, mean kill range

    There, that's a nice spread of info too. Now people could not only see who rocks PVP but also who the big ninnys are.

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    Originally posted by ULTRA1

    I think the whole thing is a good idea. It won't encourage more grief killers, that's silly, the same people that grid camp, whompa camp, and get this new one, TITLE FARM, are still going to do exactly the same thing with or without stats.

    why do you suppose they do it then?
    if not to show off thier uber title?
    if there were nothing to show off there would be no point
    in camping/farming/exploiting/etc and im quite sure a huge
    percentage of the lamers would find something else to do.

    (not all, of course, some people actually will engange
    in repeatative acts of griefing just to be annoying)

    i have overheard directly ingame too many title-farmers
    making it quite clear why they do what they do.
    they like to brag about it, and it just doesnt occur to them
    that noone else is impressed. they think the only
    point of PvP is to get a better title any way possible.

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    Bad, bad, bad, bad.

    Probably one of the worse ideas I've seen lately. Simply promotes more 1 on 1 PVP and grief play. That and PVP titles are worthless in their current state. Why not just get a mule on the other side and kill him over and over?

    If they ever got back to the idea of the Arena League where 1 vs 1 combat was sanctioned then I'd be all for an Arena League rankings system. This idea just promotes grief play. Look what the ranking system did for Diablo II. Brought out the worst in everyone. It's bad enough with jerks who think their titles mean anything more than a willingness to engage in poor sportsmanship. This would only whet their appetite for additional false ego boosts while reducing gameplay enjoyment for the majority of paying customers.

    Edit: If PVP points were only awarded to those who were in a team at the time of the kill and the victim were a member of a team, then I'd probably have less difficulty with it. This 1v1 crap is a waste of time.

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