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Thread: the good the bad and the ugly

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    the good the bad and the ugly

    Which one is funcom?

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    can be funny

    Funcom is the ugly
    Funcom is the good
    Funcom is the bad
    All in one
    I am the ugly

    What do u choose (don t want to make a poll for see it deleted )
    Vaultcitizen ADV 190. Teh pistol gimpness
    Catspawgirl NT 171. Pnh/Ior Dispenser
    Mareva Fix 167. GSF, Hot and fix grid Dispenser
    Canigou MP 135. CI Dispenser
    Pipboy2001 MA 80ish in gamboling doing /fblock.

    Rubi-Ka 1

    allways /tell Vaultcitizen

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